Memoirs of sem 5th!!

SO here I am,after a very long tym ,once again...and yeah as for the excuse ,I think there was nothin more or better that comes to my mind than just not having nethin worth writing. Life has been really fast since the past couple of months,and so maybe I didnt even get time to stop and think where its been going.

This semester isnt somethin that is characterised by events that can change the face of one's life ,but the thing that makes it stand out is probably the fact that there was so much to take care of ,starting with preparing for CAT(which by the way is somethin that still has to get off the mark) , fighting for a good CGPA(which has been as i can see as of now,a lost cause) , vying for a good internship(no success in that dept again) , or just those regular evening walks to grab an ice cream or god's blessings at the saraswati temple ,and going out to brush my tennis skills (which still remail rustic!!) ,the days' schedule had been more or less packed until the body needed to retire in bed after a gruelling routine. And with the advent of the internet in hostel rooms, a lot of time ,inconspicuously was given to gtalk ,orkut and what not!!

And so ,taking a li'l offbeaten track this time frm my earlier semester memoirs ,I thought I'd probably write down a few things that i've learned from it. We might well look at em someday and have a good laugh ,but now as the things stand ,we dont seem to understand where wer'e headed and if what wer'e doing is of consequence in the bigger picture . Not that i want to sound padagogic or preachy out here ,but maybe there's someone out there who'd have thought the same and would agree with me ,or maybe someone who'd look back and realise the relevance of what i'm saying.

It was really surprising to come across instances when people ,out of sheer madness (well,maybe!!),tore out notices for internships or scholarships so that nobody would read them and apply ,and so they beleived maybe they could clear out the competetion a bit .And ,even though their attempts failed and we got to know about the notices from sumwhere or the other ,there came to be an atmosphere of distrust and suspicion everywhere .It was as if people had been dying and there was one among us who was the killer ,and as if every1 looked at every1 else with the contempt that the killer deserved.All those smiling faces seemed fake ,but still people couldnt help flashin their yellow stalactites and stalagmites ,just to try n prove their innocence . Did I become one of them?? Well,frankly I dont really know ,but the fact that I didnt fear to show my hatred towrards a few did get me a few frowns in return. Sheesh,honesty has no place in today's world.And, its getting even worse,trust me(did I just say -TRUST ME!!!! ahhh....4get it then!!! :P)

One interesting that I'd like to put in between this post ,lest you-the reader gets bored is- Never judge a book by its cover and a greeting card by its hearts!!! LOL... Saying this coz we had this really funny incident....Me n my friend Mani, on one of our trips back home had taken the less charted Shatabdi with me,joining in at the very last moment -having bought someone else's ticket coz i couldnt wait another day to get back home... So ,here we were sitting next to this hot girl in the train, and Mani, having had broken up with his girlfriend just about a few days earlier ,was all excited about the "prospects" ...No amount of calming prevented him from fantasizing and so I let him sit next to her and conveniently took the aisle seat maself -better left alone with westlife's soul stirrers ...So for the next 1 hour or so ,we sat quietly ,chatting in between ,but with no interaction with the girl who sat next to us . What we saw during this time ,to Mani's (and to a certain extent my own) dismay was a card in her hand which she took out to scribble something ,but since all that was visible on it were 2 hearts ,which the experienced Mani pointed out were for sure meant for her boyfriend,we got a little flustered. I didnt buy his opinion and was optimistic about her seemingly singleton status .We argued a bit ,and without making any considerable headway and without any idea in sight as to how we could ascertain who was correct (even though we contemplated at one point asking her straightaway !!) ,got back to our boring businesses. It was only after the dinner was served and her cell's battery ,it seems had all got exhausted ,did she ask us that harmless question -"what's the time??" she said . The time was promptly told and having found a good excuse for conversation,Mani jumped into it with me joining into the fray 5 minutes thereafter !! And after that ,I can proudly say it was me who carried the conversation forward ,and I was cheered on by the fact that she smiled and laughed too often and was a pucca dillwaali(oops !!! Dilli-waali i meant!!! )..But not to forget ,apart from all this ,both of us were still eager to ask her about those 2 hearts ,and if there was one for each of us!!..but we didnt have to try much ... coz it turned out that she was goin home for her parents' marriage anniversary and it was only understood that it was meant for them !!!LOL...though Mani nowadays argues -"she had 2 cards dude!!! There was one for her bf!! "...I can only say go 2 hell becoz all i kno is I often to talk to her and that she's really sweet ,and thus ,I cannot care less about her being committed!!! But what the heck,therez someone who loves her parents so much to give em an anniversary card!!! Hats off!!!!

Another thing that came into prominence was how not having a girlfriend was taking a toll on every1's life ....being an IITian does confer you with that honour of singledom and also imposes upon you the much revered vow of chastity!!! Every1 knows that i guess,but never have I seen people going so berserk in girls' company . So there were people who had a harmless crush over girl in the campus ,but couldnt think of how to talk .No amount of advice from my side got their asses to talk or even say 'Hi' . Then there were people ,who ,during the fest ,having found some female company had got a headrush and forgotten their lifelong friends!! There was also a moron who drank 6 pegs in front of his brother just to bemoan how the girl of her dreams had turned down his 4th proposal ,and then vomitted an equal no. of times (if ur'e reading this mr. chatter ,please understand that i'm not jeering at ur action,twas perfectly normal ,except for the fact that you dont need to give so much importance to some1 who deosnt care!!)... I've never understood why in this bloody campus ,people cant keep to themselves and have to give that sartorical faux pas-"Kaun thi huh??? which year?? Friend ya...". Are people really so obsessed with relationships ,that they miss out on the finer details!!!

I've learned-that we should always give a chance to our luck .And I say that coz uptil about 2 hours before i was selected as the Google ambassador ,i wasnt even decided on whether i'd participate. I kinda had other things planned for the evening ,and kept on playin with the form for about 15 mins just for the sake of giving my company(and oh,my pen too!!) to my friends who were so busy filling it up. But then ,dont know how and dont know why,when i got my pen back ,I had this urge to write down all that they'd asked us,coz somehow the questions seemed interesting ,and so I did just that -filled it up in a handwriting which was as illegible as i could've managed!!! But oi, somehow I got shortlisted for the GD ,even as i had made my way out for some other errand ,and from there onwards there was no looking back. It was only when i was conferred with the honourable post that I realised how important I had suddenly become and even better,how imp it had proved in boosting my sense of self-worth ,which I had kinda lost completely!!

I've learned-There are times when things might not go well between you n your friends ,but I guess when you hold your nerve ,be patient ,and keep the doors open ,they might realise how precious you are to them and might wanna come back. Well,there are people who'd beleive that even a small fight or not talkin to someone for a couple of days would mean that they'd got to a point from where therez no coming back again ,and that they've "crossed the line". All i know is ,the very people that accused me ,or hurled curses at me at one point of time ,have got back to the way it used to be,becoz theyve tried to depend on other people and everytime ,theyve fallen face down .If you hold your ground,they'd learn their lessons and beleive in you once again. So therez nothing like a broken friendship ,only broken visions and broken souls ,but who said they cant be mended?? There are no second chances in friendship ,coz it aint a game of chance at all !! If u trust some1 to be ur friend at some point,please dont let them ask you for a second chance ...Just be there when they need you...And why exactly am i including this here??Well,its coz i've seen a lot of fights and all of them have found their meaning just now,when all of them wished me "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" me,therez no greater joy than having somebody who fought with you at some point ,wish you cheerfully !!!

Talkin of birthday ,I wanna thank all the people who took the pain of wishing me and kept my phone ringing on the auspicious day. I've never had so many people call me on my b' ya all!!!!!!!

Before we meet...

(co-authored with the one who-shalt-not-be-named!!!!)
This one goes out to those who i'll never be able to meet

Thank you for tomorrow
When ur'e gonna call me
Thank you for the weekend
when your'e gonna see me
Thank you for the memories
we havent made yet
Youve alwaz been there
Even before we met

Well dat's just not all..
m not gonna thank you
for the moments u never spent with me.
n for the hours, alone u left for me..
I did wait for u on the swing
for all I needed was a little push
but the wind dint blew..
n till far end appeared neither you..

Thank you for the best times
that i've lived cherishing
Thank you for the journey
on the road unending
Thank you for the fights
we havent even fought yet
Youve alwaz cared
even before we met

m not here thanking you
for dat one friend you gave me not.
u cud've sat with me on that bench
n wudnt hav I talked long..
preaches n speeches .. mah style maybe
but for u.. I wud've changed it all
if for once u'd hav called me..
never wud've you seen my back on.

Thank you in advance for the love you gave me
I've had a glance of the good life.
You'll be there when nobody believes me
I've gone through it all in my mind.
Thank you for the times when u left me lonely,
To watch the tide wash away the sand.
I'm amazed at the way ur'e still here
even before we met..

For there were words I dint mean at all,
n there were a few... thought u'd get the clue,
but u moved further on..
never to turn back again.
I might hav seen it all already,
but there was this cloud of mist.
n day in and day out I wish u werent the one,
who stood watching me drown into the deepest well.

Thank you still for the picture in my head
of the crimson sunset and the faraway moon
Thank you for the hours u keep me waiting
for in em i've found a reason to live and swoon
Thank you for all those empty screams
that in the dark hours let my spirit loom
I thank you today for i died in ur arms
and I wait this day to see you soon...

surely I may like to thank you.. for having touched this soul..
if not in my arms u ever flowed..
u always meant sumthing more..
a lot more than the one in my heart core..
n for long I couldnt hear u say..
for long maybe I wished that u'd say..
loud u cried that day...
n today.. its this day..I wanna thank you..
coz I knew u'd come even though a bit late..
forever to stay.. the Sweet November Rain...

Just pressing the rewind button for once,
for those footprints that we left on the sands of time ,
for the sandcastles that were drowned with the tide,
and for the times which were washed away in the rain ...
I'm just looking forward to looking back on these days...

Looking back on the memory of
The dance we shared
'neath the stars above..
For a moment all the world was right
How could I have known
that you'd ever say goodbye ..

But now I'm glad I didn't know ..
The way it all would end,
the way it all would go ..
Our lives are better left to chance
I could have missed the pain ,
But I'd have had to miss THE DANCE..

Holding you, I held everything
For a moment wasn't I a king ...
But if I'd only known how the king would fall
Hey who's to say? You know I might have changed it all ..

And now I'm glad I didn't know
The way it all would end
the way it all would go ..

It's my life, it's better left to chance
I could have missed the pain
But I'd have had to miss THE DANCE...

PS: The "dance" signifies more than the dance in the literal sense of the word...its a kinda metaphorical clause for the lives we lead...every time it punishes us with pain,it gives us another reason to live, and to live better...moments of hapiness are few n oft short lived.. The day we die,we'd not only miss the dance ,but we'll miss the pain ,and this whole world...

PS2: I'm not saying this is the only interpretation of this post...:P


Well my blog's title itself says that this blog is for those moments n memories that deserve to be etched in golden letters in onez memory...forever!!!
The annual cultural fest of IITR-Thomso 07 was one such event ,which came amidst low expectations , and fascinated and stupified to such an extent that could untangle the rolled hairs of an english emperor and leave ones hairs standing on an end like a porcupine's!!! It was what they say- "it came ,it saw ,it conquered" not only our hearts and minds,but everythin else that remained to be conquered!!
With a participation of 3000 people from all corners of the country,a budget of 31 lac and a full coverage by channel [V] ,it got an unparalleled fame which will keep it going strong for the years to come

Be it the awsome fash P (vogue) ,or the mind boggling War of DJs (Youthanasia-which took place for the first time ),and even the enchanting Xhileration (with Bombay vikings ), the event left us out of breath and still panting for more action . Those endless platters of "Rajkachori", the momos,the pastries and the ice creams ,were all exotic to us ,coz all of em are things that we dont usually have at a village like roorkee .... Those endless hours of dancing ,and more dancing ...those endless hours spent filling out that Mr. and Ms. Thomso questionnaire ,the spectacular performances put up by teams in footloose ,and playing the BLUFFMASTER and getting "bakra"d ourselves -the memories are endless and every moment worth cherishing...

I've put up the pics already and so if anyone really is interested in Thomso 07 (or if i have managed to arouse your interest with this post ),feel free to peek-a-boo at :


Will put up the BAKRA vidoes soon...

Watch this space for the next post!!


Well...had no clue about this tagging business about an hour ago when I had this sudden scrap from Kriti -"Uve bin tagged ",and i was at a loss to understand what exactly she meant by it... But after a li'l explaining and a sample too ,i can say i'm well versed with this tagging thing ,coz i've already done a lotta similar stuff filling slams and profiles on social networking sites!!!
Though I really hate that i'm sitting here and typing when i would have otherwise bin but newaz now that the responsibility has bin thrust upon my frail shoulders (or better put it as,i'd better play my part and complete this thing that i've started with !! ;)

And as far as the readers of this space are concerned ,i'm not exactly putting in extra efforts to make your day or to earn brownie points from your side ,I'm doin this just coz therez somebody out there who wants to know my opinion (which by the way ,might waver and sound quite confusing especially since i'm in this inebriated post thomso depression phase !!!)
.So if you take my opinion (ohh dat dilly-dallying again) ,you better spend your time doing something productive ,coz as far as i know you may very well be appalled by my honesty ...but thats the way I am...I wont live my life as dictated by the norms ,and so my answers might sound a li'l cliched ...

Newaz,not to keep you hanging in here(and if u have come till here ,you must surely be interested !!) it goez

1. Pick out a scar you have, and explain how you got it.

I aint no harry potter ,so i dont have a sensational tale to tell of wizards and what not....
Umm...i have these 2 scars on my forehead(a la HARRY yes!!)... dont exactly remember what happened and it might sound really weird ,but as far as i remember i was cycling at the age of about 12 ,when i saw a parrot ,and i stopped in my tracks and started staring suddenly started to fly and it went flyin over my head ,and in a bid to catch a close -up ,i twisted my neck a li'l more than 180 degrees ,and in the resulting torque ,I along with the cycle ,somehow lost balance ,the front wheel of the cycle was suddenly in the air ,and the next thing i know was that i was in the exact reverse position to where i had been earlier...the cycle was now on top of me (maybe it also wanted to catch the parrot!!) ,and my head was bleeding

2. What does your phone look like?

Well it looks really hot and sexy and ....
oh hell, what kinda question is this !!! Its a Nokia 3230 and ofcourse looks like any other 3230!!!
To elaborate more ,i'd say its the red version ,and its so old now that its lost all its sheen

3. What is on the walls of your bedroom?

Umm....posters and more posters....I'll give you a list:
- One poster with a red background ,two teddies and with the message -"LOVE -I cant put it together without you"
-Three posters of Thomso (one for every year)
-A small poster of Kareena Kapoor...nahh she aint my fav actress ...but i found this really hot poster in a filmfare magazine and so ripped it and put it up
-Academic calendar for the current year....(its important to know the holidays right!!!)
Well, thats about it ,apart frm the wall paint ofcourse!!

4. What is your current desktop picture?

Uhh...bad timing...a Riya Sen wallpaper (i aint no pervert ok...just keep changin em randomly!!)

5. Do you believe in gay marriage?

Who am i to beleive !!! Leave alone gay marriages ,i strongly am against the institution of marriage altogether , so this question automatically becomes redundant for me...

6. What do you want more than anything right now?

Well...a very good internship ,a seat in a 'good' IIM, and uh ,someone to take care of me ,coz i'm really spoiling myself ,and losing my mind to nonsense (and my liver to alcohol)...Damn i hate being alone when there are so many people around...

7. Are your parents still together?

HAHAHA!!!! Ye to bhagwaan ko bhi nahi pata!!!!

8. Last person who made you cry?

Many... and it alwaz has to be the one who i care about the most!!!

9. What is your favorite perfume/cologne?

Have no real favourite ...but i generally like (and use) BRUT or AXE ,and yeah my best possesion was an ADIDAS spray

10. What are you listening to?

Nothing at the moment ...but if this means my favourite music ,i'll definitely say it has to be something that has a meaning ,and something that doesnt hurt ur eardrum...No heavy metal rock for me puhleez

11. Do you get scared of the dark?

Used to when i was a li'l boy...but not anymore ...usually m so tired by the time it gets dark that when i close the lights ,therez nothing on my mind except a sound sleep!!!

12. Do you like pain killers?

Argghhhh....whats wid liking a medicine!!! Will have to use it when therez a need ,otherwise i dont think anybody "LIKES" meds!!!

13. Are you too shy to ask someone out?

Not if its some1 i dont know (have a lotta experience asking out girls at the fest ) ,but otherwise ,yes ,veryyy scared ....I might as well say I'll never do it :P

14. If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?

A Brownie with ice cream (any!!!) or probably pasta/spaghetti in cheese sauce!!!mmmm.....

15. Who was the last person who made you mad?

A stupid IITian ( i mean a fellow batchmate)who interfered when we were trying to make a Bakra of a guy we caught during our fest... Spoiled everybody's mood...

16. Who was the last person who made you smile?

Yeah got has to be DS,coz she got a really gr8 job !!!!

17. Is someone in love with you?

HAA!!!!! That so not possible.... whoz this frickin idiot who put this question here...


Brought to you in association with Red here we are ...was in delhi for the weekend ,for dussera to be specific ,and was completely hooked on to this new initiative by red FM to make delhi a NEW delhi,by bringing to the fore all that which hasnt been inconspicous but had been conveneiently taken for granted by the junta . I liked it because it brings an issue which ,if it stays the way it is ,will never let delhi acheive the world class city status it is vying for.

So i though why not present to you the very people who enrich delhi's society in a very different way ,and who've helped the people to stand up and take notice of even their daily routines .They are very normal people to come across ,and therez nothin wrong about their presence until they unleash their powerful weapons of mass destruction!!These personalities are famous PAGE 3 honkies in a world of their own,and so deserve specail applause!!
What i'm stating here is not essentially a repeat of what is already being broadcast ,but obviously my own version of it ,though you mite find some characters outta the original thing too. Ok,so here it goes :

  • Puri dilli pe hai inki chhap....inki vajeh se mehekti hai dilli ki har galli ,har sadak....par ye nahi koi hain....SUSU UNCLE...

    "Thank you thank you.... bhai finding a clean non-urinated corner in delhi isnt a child's play ...i work so hard everyday ,and when i set out from home i have just this one objective in mind !! Its only because of me that so many people employed in the civic agencies get a good pay and can earn their daily bread!! Its because of me that there are still some corners in delhi which have negligible population density!! And its because of me that people dont have to care about putting on a DEO while moving out ,coz my fragrance is all around .It is only obvious that I am the first choice for the honours encourages me to work harder (!!!) and take out more litres everyday...who knows the delhi jal board might need me one day " :P

  • Ye jahaan jaate hain logo ki nazren inke saamne jhuk jhaati hai woh hain jinki wajeh se hua salmaan khaan ka har hairstyle hain ....CHHEDKHAANI /EVETEASER UNCLE....

    "Thank you people... and i dont think i should be giving you any reasons as to why i am here ....Blimey! Isnt it because of me that no girl in delhi feels neglected...its only me who can scan them frm bottom to top ,and flatter them with my sweet whistle...Havent you wondered why the girls are always well-dressedd...ahh...make no mistake ,had i not encouraged them to do so ,they'd still be so bland!!! And what the heck,even the cops are by my side....yeah,they might catch a couple doting over each other at the neighbourhood park ...haha....but me,i'm always spared the honours ....With this award i promise to take voyerism in delhi to new out for me people ,esp girls ,i'll alwaz be there for ya!!!!!!!Muahahah!!!"

  • Now this onez a pure nature lover jo kaam karti hain janhit mein karti hain ...stray dogs and cows ka special dhyaan rakhne hain ..... KACHRA AUNTY...

    " imagine kya hota agar main na hoti toh....ur garbage would've been spilling over and u'd be sleeping on a pile of banana peels.... its only me who avoids all the ruckus at your house and dumps all the kachra behind ur society that you can sleep in peace...ab kya farak padta hai if it gives out a smell ,atleast u wont have to buy room fresheners and artificial sources... be natural ,thats my funda....and who else would care about all those hungry dogs and cows !!! Kabhi socha hai unke baare mein...woh bhi to insaan (!!!) hain ...and imagine who'd come and ask for and share your burden of sweets that you recieve on diwali ....atleast because of me ,all the health conscious people can relax about not being forced to take in everythin.... From this year onwards ,i promise to dicharge my duties dilligently ...hope u'd love the new smells and aromas ,coz i plan to do some useful experimentation with the kuda!!!!!!!

  • Inke haaton mein hai jaan....dilli ki jaan....dilli ki sadko ke baadshah....yeh hain....BLUELINE DRIVER UNCLE...

    i have the capabilty to bring delhi's life to a standstill,and more than that ,i'm best at taking some1's life....terrorists,gangsters ,criminals,encounter specialists are oh so passe ,i am the new kid on the it a li'l child goin to school ,or a hardworkin man returning home after earning the day's bread ,or just a poor chap hobnobbing on the road for no reason at all,i dont spare anybody ...and what's more...i dont even take money !!haha...i kill for come all ye wretched souls gimme ur hands,legs and everythin else,and i'll squash you under my bus !!"

  • Ye hain dilli ki sundarta ka raaz.... dilli ko bahut hi jaldi red city banane ke liye hain ye nikle hain...PUKE UNCLE ..."are bhai ab tambaaku khaynge to thunkenge bhi na...and after all this is our art... hum bhi M.F.Hussain se kam nahi...and we dont even waste colours and dont even need a canvas....the whole city is our canvas ,and we have just one aim in mind -to puke more creatively and innovatively ... aap nai samjhoge...but the people who appreciate arts definitely will....agreed that an ordinary man may find it annoying ,but when accolades from all over d world start pouring in,he'd come back to me to congratulate me... and hey,we have full support frm the Tobacco companies n roadside paanwaalas... "

At the LIBRARY...

STATUARY WARNING:This post has no resemblence to any person living /dead. Any such case,henceforth ,should be deemed as purely unintentional and coincidental. And oh,any1 who thinks he/she has been in the same spot at any point of time in their lives are invited to comment .Any living person who finds it objectionable beyond his/her temper is cursed to rot in hell!!!

Hey there looking at me
Temme what do u see
Behind the glasses that disguise
and that ridiculous smile and li'l eyes

But hell ,you quickly turn your head away
I try to fight with words
Dont have the courage to come up to you
My chances are looking a bit grey

Digging your head in that dusty book
Are you trying to evade my look??
But aint nobody tell you honey
life is just a tad more funny

Which year may I ask
or which course may I prod
What difference would it make
I'll make do with an approving nod

Ohh but how did i forget
Aint u that rarest of species at this place
with all that air on your face
and a nose thats always held up high??

Am i not supposed to stay away
from the queen of the world
err....rather the queen of your world
for thats what they say

But i come back to reality
and once again captivated by your beauty
Staring across the room
Are you leaving soon??
But hey ...I ...I just need a li'l time!!

Why did you have to leave so soon?
Why did you have to walk away?
Oh well it happened again
She walked away with her "boyfriend"
Maybe we'll meet again someday.

SINGING @ THE CHURCH!! this is somethin i'd really wanna write about after not having written a personal post since quite some time. And this one was really an experience thats made it worth writing here.

We had been planning it out since a long time ,but i guess sometimes we were too lethargic to execute the plan and sometimes it just didnt work out .Ohh,u must be wondering who else comes under "we" ...well since this post is about the song that I sung ,the other guy was the guitarist ,Daryll and quite obviously ,the plan was none other than singing the b'ful and soulful You Raise Me Up during the Sunday Service

Lets rewind a bit to the time when this scheme was originally conceived .It was way back in January when Daryll played this really cool song at the church and later while talkin to him ,i harmlessly suggested -"Hey dude,why dont u do You Raise Me Up someday?" ... "hey yeah i think its a beautiful song and i've heard it too..but i dont remember the lyrics ...can u sing it for me once!!"...I heartily obliged and he started strumming efficiently coz he did remember the tune...and so i was on my way to the 'crooning glory' .Now just as I ended giving a sample of the song ,the guy suddenly out of nowhere ,popped in with -"Why dont u sing it??I'll blend with you!!" . I know i'm pathetic bt he was so excited and seeing that naeveity in his eyes made me fall in to his request . And from that day onward every Sunday when we used to meet ,he'd say-"we'll do the song definitely next week ...I'll probably call u someday for practice" .But i guess this world's a busy place and none of us could find the time.

Time passed without any progress and here we are 6 months down the road and a lot had already changed,including our determination which suddenly became rock solid .Last week we took an oath that we'd surely do it next Sunday and i was supposed to come 15 mins before the service so that we could finally have a dry run!!

Lets get back to the present scenario now. I fathom u already have a bird's eye -view of the situation (not that wer'e birds and can see things frm that perspective...its just an idiom dammit!!!) ,and so u can imagine me ,on a Sunday evening quite relaxed and walkin up to the church to reach well before 15 mins. But ,nahh...i have got so habitual of last moment running that uptil 5.20 that day ,i was in a completely surreal world and that it was Sunday,leave alone the fixed meeting at the church had completely slipped out of my mind. But then dont know with what divine intervention ,everythin came back to me and I looked at my watch at horror only to find that i had less than 15 mins to bath ,get ready ,write down the lyrics,pray to god(oh thats a daily routine....but u might wonder why i wanna pray before reaching the church...see the point is I aint no christian ,and I have this small vestige of responsibility to the God that we Hindus call our own,to who i have prayed ever since i learned to walk ,and in whose name I define my religion u might be think if I do beleive in my God ,then why church..,.well,the only answer I can produce is -I have faith in God,not religion ) and cover the distance between the church and the hostel!!! But then theres always this training one gets at an IIT of getting up late and still managing to make it to class that comes in handy when all other contingencies fail!!! And so,i rushed with whatever speed i could summon and voila ,i was ready exacty at 6.45 . I picked up my cycle and rushed ,and thankfully reached at 6.50!!!

After practising a bit and when a considerable crowd had arrived ,the service began as usual with the prayers and I sat down on a second row bench. Surprisingly all the songs chosen that day were particularly lively and somehow that half an hour singing session that day was extraordinarily fun. Now this is where I come in. As i was invited on to the mike and just as i turned to face everyone, I was quite taken aback, more so coz i'm not used to seeing such a large gathering usually and to a lesser extent ,also wondering how fate had played its part and delayed my song only to be sung on this day with so many new faces and such a large no. of people.

My first reaction was-tightening of fists.Dunno why but i suudenly felt nervous. What if I let down all these new faces and what if I sang so unbearably that they'd never come to the church again!!! What if the mike failed in between ,what if the world came to an end!!!?? lol
Finally ,i tightened my sinews and said-"This is my first time here . My voice might not be bearable but i just wanna tell u -whatever i sing will be from the heart .And i hope i dont end up breaking any window panes today!!" With this I started my song ,and everythin thereafter went quite well

I was flattered with all the adulation that i received in the end -and some from the new faces too .I dont care if it was just to keep my heart .Maybe ,they enjoyed it and so would wanna come back again next week .As of now ,all i know is it felt really good to finally sing after so many years and after having selected and then shunned by the music section .And i definitely rose from obscurity to a known face even among the regulars. Hope they see a lot more of me on the mike now . And who knows i might up doing a Tu Ashiqi hai a la Jhankar Beats!!!!! :D

PS:If ure curious enough ,i'm putting that song listen to it...its really gud..
PS2: Comments are always welcome...the more the better ;) :D

When September Ends...

Wrote this one fighting with it shouldnt be surprising why i'm so confused...

Its been a long tym
since i've given a moment for myself
This is my life
and these are my dreams
and i'm living 'em up
But there's still this thought
which rings at the back of my mind

This is my life
It is not what it was before
These are my dreams
that i've never lived before
somebody break me,shake me
coz i must be sleeping

The pace at which my life's running
is tearing me apart
pulling at every end and every corner
fate is playing its part
I think I dont need nobody
to talk to ,to talk with,to laugh with
coz thats the way it is
Without anybody to care about,
everythin becomes so easy
Its me,my life and my dreams

They say u've changed
I can only ask-"Didnt u change me?"
They say ur'e rude
I can only ask-"Did it pay to be otherwise?"
They used to ask who are you
and I used to say-"whoever you want me to be"
They still ask Who are you
and I say-"it doesnt really matter"
coz i'm not ashamed to be the person i am today

Its bin a strange life i know
All those mistakes it contained
I always wished i could let go
But now as i sleep over them
They finally start to go away
And i know still, that i can face the day

These are my words
that i've never said before
I think I'm doing ok
And this is the smile
that i've never shown before
somebody,brake me,shake me
coz i must be sleeping

Yesterday, a boy afraid
locked deep inside,my place to hide
lost in himself,cryin for help it's safe to stay
i learned to live without a pride
and now all it is-
just a shell with me stuck on the inside
a prison,not a place to hide
So i want to wake up
want to wake up when september ends

i'm so afraid of waking
please don't shake me
afraid of breaking
please don't shake me
But i'd rather not chose to be this way
Summer has come and passed
now i wanna see it through your eyes
i wanna see the wind change

These are my words
that i've never said before
I think I'm doing ok
And this is the smile
that i've never shown before
somebody wake me up
wake me up when september ends


Hey m back,and after a long hiatus frm blogging( well, the reasons are very diverse this tym and surprisingly have to do evrythin wid academics!!).. and me too ,like many others ,have got completely besotted with the new Cricket format -The twenty 20...and why not ,its the World Cup after all,and India has just beaten Pakistan in an edge-of-the-seat game played a couple of days ago!!!

I'm not really writing this to elaborate on what exactly the new format is about ,rather to share with you some interesting observations that i made as we watched the match ,and secondly,ofcourse, since i couldnt think of nething else to write (and ,hey dont cast aspersions on the monotony of my life, coz i'm enjoying every bit of it these days ,and its left me so exaggerated that therez no time to luk bak and wistfully wonder about the meandering course of my life )!!

So here we are in the TV room at my hostel ,and its jam-packed with almost every1 giving their attendane for the Indo-PAk match (as usual)... lemme make u abreast with the state of things as the match progressed :

1.The Pakistani players were given the best treatment by our proud IITians...after all theyre our neighbours and deserve due respect ..and oh,i forgot to tell you what due respect means in this context ... urrr....actually ,do i need to mention....stating the fact that its the TV room of an iit should suffice i suppose :P

2.The slogans of chak De India reverberated in the TV room,what with the success of the movie and its approbation by every one whoz watched it here!! It kinda instilled in me that once-in-a-blue-moon patriotic kinda feeling ...though its still sad that the shouts got somewhere lost among the love bestowed by the ppl on the Pakistani!!

3. Whenever a four or a six was hot by the Indian team or whenever a pakistani wicket fell,there was a huge uproar ,whistles ,shouting ,cheering,and drooling!!!!!
Now u may ask ,whats so unique about this whole cheering and jeering stuff ..doesnt it happens whenevr India plays ...i mean obviuosly one is spposed to cheer when a certain Tendular or Dravid hits a six....but hey, then i'd say u missed out on that world which was innocuosly hidden among the many verbs that i used -"drooling"...
I suppose the gentleman/gentlelady or even any1 whoz a cross between the two is readin this post ,he/she or watevr is already of aware of the "cheerleaders" that adorn the ground during every match!!! And hey,the cameramen alwaz show a cute close up whenever sumthin "worth-cheering" happens...and lo!100 IITians and a bunch of sexy girls doin their jig in front of i need to say nethin else as to why the decibel levels sore!!! (hope ure not wondering still!!)....and oh,forgot to mention...the girlz are pretty hot!!! ;)

4.A twenty over match ensured that every dot ball was precious ,and so,quite obviously ,the People couldnt feel less exasperated after the match after having cheered for that zillionth dot ball!!!

5.Well,in a normal ODI, in a scenario where one team chasing a measly target and still reeling under pressure comes back into the game with a certain determined player goin all out to hit the ball to almost every corner of the stadium ,and lands up requring 1 run of 2 balls ...its quite normal to expect the disheartned supporters to lose nerve and abandon their positions ,and thatz exactly hat happened...but hey ,this was no normal ODI ,and not only did India manage to tie the match ,and bring the audience bak to their TV screens, but also made the most outta the newly introduced Bowl-out!!! Though it was so hard to beleive that the burly Pakistanis couldnt evn hit the stumps once!! What a shame....muahaha!!

Now at the end of it,u might be wondering what exactly was i my dispositon in this hullabuloo...i'd say that i had the bad luck of being with arjun chaudhay at that time(weight>100 kg)...and as the match became more exciting ,his weight seemed to be increasing every minute,and i could harldy watch the proceedings overpowered under the tremendous pressure of his hefty body jumping all over and me squeezed against it!!! Gosh!! :D

Ahh....Sheer bliss!!!

Hey people,m bak after a long sabbatical,and not here to write somethin to make u think or wonder ,rather show u somethin that would catch u in a timewarp and u mite as well end up wistfully wondering about how somethings in this world are just so beautiful ,and why exactly they keep on elluding us.

Since the inception of the autumn sem 07 ,every student at IITR ,has been caught by an innocuous bug of MP3 ,and by that i mean the "flop" movie-mera pehla pehla pyaar ,and i,am no exception to the case in point. And,therefore ,i thought why not put up this beautiful climax from the movie and get my reader's senses tingling like never b4 .

Everythin about this movie ,and this scene in particular is just so perfect ...the song,the locales,the kids...simply wonderful ...every1 who's seen it has this one thing to say -for the 3 hours that i sat watchin this movie ,it transported me into a completely surreal world,and yet a world which we all have experienced at some point in our lives ...its our own story,its every1's story...

I'm not publicising or writing any movie review ,i'm just using it to convey those strong emotions which everybody felt while watchin this movie...So go ahead enjoy the kiss alongside eiffel...and mind u ,the music rox!!!

PS:It'll take about 5 mins to load on a high speed its worth the wait
PS2: Dont forget to turn on ur speakers!!!


Note:This post has been in the stash since quite a w'hile it might seem a li'l redundent at this point of time!!!

Now that we all have cast our votes and made the TAJ an undisputed wonder of the world ,and along with that inconspicously given birth to a new millionare-the guy who was behind the non-profit association( which somehow landed up earning millions ,takin 10 paise each out of ur n mine pockets ) ,and now that the media has finally realized that it has blighted the national economy by its no-frills attached ,unanimous support to the seven wonders consortium (or whatever its called ),and now also that the TOI has so vividly and comprehensively taken up the mission of selecting 7 wonders frm amongst the indian marvels of construction -hoping to donate some money to the already moribund moblie companies in the indian market (well,thats what i beleive ,coz every1 these days seems to possess a mobile connection!!) ----- I thought why not bring out my own list on the -make no mistake -SEVEN SPOOFS OF THE WORLD

Yeah ,here i present to you those endearments of life which have become so bijou that they have created a mirage in front of us that we cant seem to get out of our lowly brains .You may not necessarily agree with me in this regard ,and in any case ,I dont intend to earn any approbation for this post ,but pardon me ,though earthy being ,and bear me at ur own will !!

1) Technology :
yeah yeah ,now u'll wonder why ,inspite of being a proud student of the indian institute of "technology",and the proud owner of most advanced tech bijoutery such as the latest laptop and mobile phone and what not ,i still consider this boon to be the biggest bane ever befallen on mankind. In my opinion, inspite of all the beguling appearances of the gizmos and the sophistry that comes along with it , not to forget how they've managed to connect people and simplify our lives @ the click of a button - has somehow trapped us into an inescapable ravine ,and cast a spell on we muggles,which has left us in a daze ,and we've forgotten how to do the most basic chores in the most elemental way -we instead scamper for that instrument or gadget which we can so conveniently use ,and which ,with time has enslaved us . Take for example -the mobile phones .Yes i do agree that its now easier to store numbers ,easier to talk to somebody without having to go through somebody else first ,and know where exactly a person is at the given moment .But just imagine this situation - ur'e waiting for ur girl ,and she doesnt show up till 2 mins after the time that she had promised -what will you do ??Just call her and order her to amble along at the earliest or face the consequences?? But ,then dont u think it would've been so much better if u had instead waited for an hour and she'd have pleaded with you for forgiveness...i mean how often do we find that happening -a girl running after a guy for a folly she most often would commit!!!
And now with electricity going wireless and provosions to switch off the entire house's power supply at the click of a button ,wer'e sure to land up in wheelchairs ,not requiring to twitch even a muscle and let ourselves be handicapped and taken over by a new civilization -the mechizmos... Until then sit back n relax ...n enjoy

2) Nuclear weapons and WMDs: I guess i can afford to win a hands down supprt for this point ..there's no point repeating all the hazards of something that has the potential to wipe out humanity ,and any lifeform still surviving ,and the fact that its sumthing designed by the hands of our own people is the biggest irony .
Guess what ,1940s -the world wars at their peak ,people working out a strategy to save the world from the german onslaught and researching over new weapons to safeguard their interests .They brainstorm ,and what do they come up with as a plausible solution?? A nuclear warhead to wipe out a whole japanese city and give birth to more advanced forms of destruction... Nay..dont u think had u and i been thinkin abt a soluton at that time ,we would have definitely reached a concensus -ceasefire and do away with arms and adopt pigeons instead ...But our leaders were kinda great and swimming in complacency and pride ,and conveniently paved the way for the frightful ,and a world where agoraphobia and claustrophobia dont carry much of a difference , a world where we live with so much terror on the street as we do in our own homes!!!

3) Drinks,fags and drugs : What a pity -as i see more n more of my friends go down the unchatered paths and ruin themselves with each drag of a marlboro ,with nobody around to stop them from doing it ...its a world where we constantly try to find the way to reduce the smoke coming out of our car exhausts and chimneys in the industries ,and a world where where global warming has overcome any other form of concern ...and yet seeing someone smoking "in" or smoking "up",keeps us non-plussed with so much as a fickle smile ...
Yes ,with the changing world scenarios and the absolution of nuclear families ,and a more competetive world ,its normal for anybody to feel the pressure ,to feel the heat ,and then in the most convenient way -he gets an option to run from it all by giving up the feeling of being alive .yes ,that feeling of trance gives a momentary satisfaction and an uncanny feeling of being above all the worries and tensions and 'i-give-a-damn' demeanour to the person in question ,but theres more to it than meets the eye -and even as these stimulants act up rapidly and make us lose our senses ,make us see things which we want to see ,keeping away those that we dont -they simultaneously tear away the biological functions ,play games with the body's faculties and prepares it for the ultimate disaster -addiction.
No wonder these days ,everybody seems to land up at a rehab!!

4) K-soaps: I hope i can drive home this particular point without even having to go into the works ...

This is how it goes...u pick up a bunch of desperate tribe of teeny and tweeny bloopers ,who have lived unto this day for a career in acting ,and those who boast of mediocre looks and loads of attitude ,besides being non-allergic to the use of inconsiderate amounts of glycerine ...u give them a complete wardrobe overhaul ...the girls with traditional indian clothing of all shapes and sizes ,and jewellery that would make one wonder if they stole a jewellery store sometime...the guys with any kind of un-Indian urbane clothing...u rent out a big bungalow in a posh area of mumbai...u draw a master plan comprehesively covering every possible relationship that can supposedly exist between 2 people in the world ,and put them all under one roof,along with a women -oriented story and a rich-family-varied-troubles tango...and its a deal..the K soap is ready to roll...with a fascinating name and an equally fascinating jingle, every other timE!!!
isnt the world already so sick of tensions and misunderstandings brewing in their personal relationships that they seem to find ways out of it at every possible instance...why ,then,are these soaps awarded with a fan -following which could envy any big budget commercial venture!!!

All the melodrama and the unnecessary situations are almost cliched now for every soap ...yet,whenever a new one is around the corner ,it is much awaited by the junta ,especially living in the non-metro areas of the country ,and even when they know its the same saas-bahu-damaad-my-foot saga everytime they still stick to their TV screens with surprising candour!!! Hats off i say to whatever makes these soaps tick with the masses so feverishly...

5)Politics and politicians: Yea yea were talkin abt the same ol khadi clad politicos of the country ..who have been largely evergreen in their demeanour and practices ,and have been least affected by the changing values and traditions of the society...its so very surprising that those who had been chosen by the people and for the people have become so self obsessed that people are the last thing that theyd ever care about... in their hunger for power and wealth ,they've crossed all ethical and moral boundaries and no amt of whipping can get them back on line....i wonder how ,even after being fraught wuth so many discrepancies in their academic and cultural background ,they manage to nab the most lucrative postions in the administration of a country ,which is the second largest growing economy in the world!!!
Theyr'e simply one of a kind,and need special mention...god only knows how this country is making giant leaps even with such intrepid men at the helm...

6) Football:
Now u might blame my inexpicable mention of a harmless game to my being a truant cricket fan and appreciatee,but there are certainly some defects in football which appal me ,and the fact the people playin and watchin it can overlook em fr the sheer nothingness that the game has to offer surely reserves its place in the spoofs list!!!Here are some of em:

  • It is played on that great tract of uncultivated land-so square and even in shape that it could have been instead congested with happy and prosperous agricultarists..My concern fr the harmful effects it has on the agrarian economy can well be illustrated by this example-Every footballer destroys twenty turnips a day... I say ,cant this talent of being able to kick a football with elan be put to better practices viz. kickin a law-breaker's butt!!!
  • It is such a sport where the match often ends in a pallid score of 0-0 or say love all !!!I mean ,what a waste of male fatuity...what else,can better ilustrate the contradictions and futilities of this man made sport?? two parties of 11 men each,fightin over a single ball ,and not scoring any point even afer hours of head cracking and foot tapping!!!Pheww...
  • the fact that even after decades of playin this game ,no positive evolution has taken place so far ...had it been the bastion of sensible men,they would have conceived by now to carry to the field a bomb,a horse-whip or even a hat-pin!!! Atleast that would have ensured a result
  • Theres this autocratic official called referee who keeps on showing cards of different colours and still fails to have the players from removing their shirts and maintaing the game's decorum.We see this man blowing a whistle and refusing to allow one burly player a goal which he had scored. And what did the player ,the craven ,do?? Did he ,like a man of spirit ,hunger strike?? nay,he took it lying down!!! What a pity!!

7)Love: Now im not explaining this one....i leave it to your imagination to cast it in whatever light u want to...and even if u cant find a reason to put in the spoofs list...i suggest u just take it as my dogma or whatever without too much questioning...its my list and so its me who decides what goes in and what stays out....and fr that matter something as uncertain and short-lived as love surely is the biggest spoof i've ever known!!


a time
slipping out of hands
an age
whisking away
moments of happiness
trapped in sands
and dreams
still rolling in hay
for the broken dreams
i sing this lullaby today
breathless and torn inside
this gloomy day

i could feel myself growing older
i could possibly be failing
if i had something else to gain
it was you
who made me feel the rain
breathless and torn now
i could feel myself turning into dust...
two strangers turning into dust...

greived and compucted
my contrite conscience
keeps banging inside
in defiance
i could feel the touch turning into dust..
two strangers turning into dust

balmy evenings
starry nights
still hold me stupified
heavens pity my plight
i could feel myself under your faith
but now i'm fading
fading into dust
i could feel my eyes turning into dust..
two strangers turning into dust

still falling
breathless and torn again
to watch it all
go up in flames
still falling
walking this road again
taking each day as it arrives
midnight diamonds stud my heaven
the warm winds that embrace me
just as surely kissed your face
i could feel that face turning into dust..
two strangers who turned into dust...


Statuary warning:This may seem like an arduously long post to read...srry abt that...u may skip it if u arent that intersted in getting an insight into the corporate world!!

Now that the summer vacations are poised at the tip of the knife,i thought i'd mull over on how i'v spent all these 2 months ,and the most significant thing i seemed to have done was the fully-faltoo training ...a gruelling 9 to 6 shift with not less than 5 hrs of chatting everyday!!!(pheww!!)...i wish i'd worked on something tangible ,but sadly inspite of sincerely pleading the guys to gimme sumthin ,i was constantly sidelined.... pretty lame experience i'd say ...though i still managed to learn first hand what goes on in the famed software companies here in India ,the work culture ,and a peek-a -boo into what exactly goes on in the senior manager's office(read on to know more)...

The very first day that i stepped into that company after having found a chartered bus which would ferry me to work everyday ,and flirtin a bit with the 4 girls goin to their college who accompanied me on that day-sadly the last working day of their college b4 goin off for summer vacations -i was handed a big HR MANUAL stating the rules and regulation that i was supposed to flout ,the work ethics which were never meant to be followed by an IITian , the rules concerning leaves and probation -which had nthin to do with the nature of my work(given the fact that i had already made up my mind to attend just 3 days of office in a week!!) , and the history of the company whose resources i was abt to slander for the coming one month !!!

It was followed by an HR personnel givin me a short lecture on how the company came into being and the aims and aspirations the company desires to acheive -an asinine repetition of the HR manual - and was followed by apocryphal praise for the IIT system and IITians in particular (oh! heck, i was feeling like a goat who was about to be slaughtered!!)...All this in a period of 3 hours and i'd not hesitate to admit that i was feeling a little giddy by now!!!
i was shorlty taken to the floor where the software developers sat in front of their computer screens doin some crazy stuff i couldnt understand -though i later came to know that it was called .NET!!!

The first day passed without nthin substantial -i was made to sit at a corner and told precariously that this is what every1 does on the first day at work !!! Obviously i did nthin much apart frm observing .The days which followed were too agonozing -and most people even know about my agony-as i was handed a 64 MB RAM comp with windows XP loaded ,and with the capability of bringing the most advanced supercomputer in the world to shame with its antics .I noted the exact time it took to boot-20 mins ,time taken to create a new folder -15 mins,time taken to open internet explorer - 30 mins (that is ,if one was lucky enough to get the IE window before the comp restarted!! )..

The first week passed very swiftly ,what with most of the time being spent on booting and opening a bloody IE window!!They gave me a newer comp later on,but that first week itslef was enough for me to observe a lotta things...

this is what the hierarchy looks like in a software company,or rather i'll personalize it with my own experiece(starting from the top) -

1.The CEO :Is supposed to be that highly qualified guy holding zillions of degrees from all over the world ,and is supposed to meet clients,handle the paper work and everything that involves none of the degrees' expertise that he's gained all these years ...only the work teaches you here in the tricks of the trade..

The CEO of this company was a tall guy with a slightly bulging belly ,but surprisingly young-in his early 30s- and charismatic and had a typical british accent which he had procured after spending his childhood in London. It was a treat to watch him pass orders at his subordinates, all of them more than double his age !! It seems this guy spends half his time in the UK division and half in the indian one.. My encounter with him occured at a very late stage of my training ,and the very first thing he said was-" Oh! great ,people from IIT are finally stepping into our company ..he's our wonder boy,put him into my personal software division -its more fun there!! "..and everyday after that he'd cheerfully ask me -"Hey wonder boy -hows it goin huh!!! " ,and since i wasnt doin any work virtually all i could give was a decent smile and a thought insise my head -"Dude,i'll wear a blue undie over my pants tomorrow -with 'W' printed on it ...then u call me wonder boy!!!"

2. The Senior Manager : He was guy from IIT (the only one in that company frm the 'prestigious' insti )-a man in his late 40s -and since i had the privilege of spending a considerable amount of time in his cabin on two occasions -i know that his work was limited to forwarding emails (the ones with silly jokes and idiotic photos) to the employees , drinking coffe more than 5 times a day ,passing orders to the HR manager ,listenining to the orders from the CEO ,making phone calls ,and stuff like that which i guess deserves no more than a few thousnd rupees a month .heck ! what a waste of a degree from IIT!! The last time when i met him he promised to put me in a good project-and for the next half an hour he kept on browsing all the floors of the building ...I ambled along ,albeit with no success!!

3. The CTO: The chief technical officer ,my foot- He should be called the chief Tymepass officer!!! Thats coz most of the times i saw him in his cabin -he was playin solitaire ,wasting his 70,000 ka laptop!! Doesnt he know that there are better games in the market than solitaire!!! ;) ,and then with a routine which includes drinkin milk 2 times a day ,he sure seemed like a lunatic stuck in the wrong place .
On a more serious note ,his only duty was of an advisory nature -to get the innovators out of the most serious loopholes ever encountered in programming history and to tell them what to do,to start with!!

The first time i talked to him , he was like -" what have u learned at IIT??" ,with me half conteplating to say -"nothing at all". the second tym i talked to him was when he gave me something to do,for a change ,but to my utter displeasure -he told me to make a prog to read the file and directory structure faster than windows (phew -with those big geeks at his disposal ,when bill gates and steve balmer couldnt do it,howd some1 lyk me do it ??) ,and obviosuly it did little to assuage my woes!!

The last tym i talked to him ,he was fuming with i wasnt complaining,i had a nice tym orkutting and chatting!!

4. The HR manager : A weird lady ,but newayz amiable and with talked with a friendly disposition ,i guess had all the qualities which are prerequisites for being an HR manager ...though wasnt very smart and good-looking !!
Didnt have much of an acquaintanceship with her ..though she acted as my complaint box ,one which had no outlet and so my complaints lay almost in a state of decay until they were looked after!!

5. The project manager /Lead Innovator: was a tall,bloated guy and looked cockeyed most of the times!! Was very busy ,and most of the times on the run -he was supposed to be the guiding light fr all the innovators ,and had to virtually spoon feed them for every small things

6. The innovators /Trainees : Was a bunch of unusal people ,though very friendly .Most of them ,or rather all of them held a postgraduate degree in MCA or M.Sc. and none of them had graduated with a B.Tech-that made me the only B.Tech guy ..the team consisted mostly of guys ,and there were about 6-7 girls too-although they were fulltoo brickheads!! Apart from the ardous task of programming all day long ,even the innovators didnt hold back frm chatting once in a while with their GTalk windows minimized ,and even among themselves they chatted throughout the office hours!! Every1 of them had orkut accounts ,and although it was blocked ,i had found a proxy and so,the orkut bug had surfaced what with me on the prowl!! All of them seemed rather dissatisfied with ther pay figures and half of them were giving interviews to other prospective employers already .the most senior employee in the company was employed for just over 6 months,and that is proof enough of the growing discontempt among the software company employees ... Though the sight when a new female employee was inducted into the team was remniscent of the IITs -people tryin to catch a glimpse of that mew girl ,and envying the one who gets to be the first to ask her for a coffee,or the one who sits near her table!!!

I enjoyed thoroughly with them ,all being very supportive and helpful ,quite unlike the people at IIT ,and those gossips at the luch table still gets me in splits when I think of em !! The girls were cool too -though i still wonder how in the world they had never heard of IITs .Then there were those guys whi had taken it to be their birth right to tease the female employees ,and i became one of em!!

7.The caretakers: Life without them in a corporate is simply unimaginable ...From simple chores like cleaning cups and saucers to mundane issues lyk providing 'bournvita' to the CTO two times a day ,and even important issues lyk upkeep of hygiene at the workplace nd bringing in lunch ordered by the employees -the caretakers form an inseperable part of the office workforce...
This particular guy at the SMX global office fr was assidous and perky one with antics which made me cast serious aspersions on his sexuality...and if u've ever seen Karan johar laughing u'll know what i'm hinting here ...Though in ne case he was afffable ,and easy to talk to,and most importantly did what he was supposed to-care !!

Out and out ,I'd say twas a very good experience ,although accompanied by a lotta boredom ,and non-productivity!! But i dare say i'd rather not wanna get stuck in such a workplace in a position lower than the CEO!!! hehe...i guess its askin too much and however paranoid it mite sound ,but now that i've been there ,done that i'd make sure I dont land up at such a place ever-and no offecnce meant,by such a place i mean one where the employees dnt know what they are doin before they consult a zillion web pages via google,and ones which hate the company and still have no other alternative in hindsight!!!

A Criminals Guide To Courtesy

The readers of this blog and my dear friends will be glad to know that - given the recent spate of car blast attempts and other terrorist activities going on around the world in celebration of the "umpteenth year of the jehad revolution" and even as the Al Qaida struggles to formulate its own 123 agreement with the US to acquire the latest nuclear technology for a "rapid and succesful attempt at wipe out of human civilization"- i just wrote a complete book titled "Every Criminal's Guide to Courtesy",with the subtitle -"Tips for Terrorists and Deportment for Desperados" .The book will be made of specimen conversations to suit every situation. The criminal who buys ,or intends to buy,a volume of it ,never needs to fear the awkward pauses which so frequently occur when one is caught in the act of burglary or murder,or homicide,or even when one is one the verge of dying after a succesful attempt at suicide bombing the nearby grocery shop!!

I append a sample.We will suppose for an instance,that the terrorist wants to abstract a nuclear warhead from under president Bush's nose while he's sleeping comfortably in his appt at the White House and after a much life-threatening and excruciatingly tough ,yet succesflu attempt at evading the security with their sniffer monkeys in tow,he has entered the presidents bedroom and the following conversation takes place..


Bush(startled ,or seems to be):Aye ,i say whats the matter ??? (starts snoring again!!)

[Terrorist(coughs again).Bush sits up]

Terrorist:(insiniuatingly):A thousand apologies ,my dear sir,to break in on that sleep,which as they rightly say gives u the energy to a lead a country full of buffoons like ye.But ,business is business ,and in these days of hustle and jehadi competition ,it behoves a man to be first in the race. Thus ,knowing the fact that allah-hu-akhtar-rahim-ul-rehman-e-rahim(a proffesional rival of mine) has his eyes set on ur nuclear warhead, I hastened to call on you before he could do so

Bush:Help!! Condoleeza help!!! Terror attack!! Save thy souls!! Bah!bah! Black sheep...

Terrorist:Please sir,may i request your honouerable tongue to save its honour and ,my rancour,and get back to sitting patiently in that mouth of yours,sir. I hate to talk shop,but i follow it my duty to tell u that my revolver is loaded.Shall we allow it to remain so??Precisely.To proceed then ,the fame of your nuclear warhead,my dear sir, has rung through the Islamic world. Every terrorist in the proffesion is after it.And when i tell you that i have had to bring myself up here through the bedroom window of a perfect stranger,sleepin in polka dots undies even when he possesses Tuxedos worth millions and pyjamas worth a collectors' dream, I need scarcely add further evidence of my eagerness to possess the treasure I have mentioned. You can spare a little of it. A remote control?? A cross-section of it perhaps??

Come this is niggardly my dear sir. To you it is luxury.But to me,it is a bare necessity. I'll tell you why.

I have my living to earn . How would you suppose I can keep my wife in the style to which she has been accustomed-wearing silken burkas made outta the hides of the rich n famous people of the white man's lands and dyed in black,and not just that ,wearing lingerie that would envy even the most dare -to-bare -with-arms-wide-open-actresses of hollywood- if every1 was as unreasonable as you?? How do you suppose I can let my son study in the most splendid terrorist school in the mountains,studded with fleash-eating fundamentalists as their proffesors,and ,who other than Osama as its principal....

Bush(interrupting and fairly startled): What ,OSAMA!!! What the....

Terrorist:Oh,come sir,now dont let me bring out my heavy rocket launcher -i'll not be able to bear its weight for long so it wont take too long for me to fire a flaming shot.So ,where were we..Ah!! yes,and how do you suppose i can buy the best AK-47s for my elder son outta the state artilery.
Now some people keep their nuclear warheads under the ----No??In the chest of drawers?? Inside your bum which seems to me a bit swelling right now?? Constipation,eh??


Terrorist:(with an expression of disgust):Ahh!!U mannerless farting punk..How did you come to be the president,I could've been a better candidate! I can outdo you in farting any day!!
Now,my very dear sir,joking apart,where is it?? Did i mention the revolver was loaded?
Thank you,Thank you. Under that weird thing you call your bead.Ah!A thousand thanks to you sir. May i trouble you to give an autograph of yours on it,sir! My wife will be deighted to have it.Ah!! There..A million thanks,sir. Goodnite,a very goodnite to you
[exits through the window]

This is but one specimen. I shall spare no efforts in makin the rest of the book of equal merit .If after next publishing season,there remains one Terrorist/criminal who isnt a perfect gentleman,then it will be because he is too impecinous or too stingy to spend 1 dollars and 60 cents on the work authored by yours,AUPSY aka Ayushman Jain

Go!! GOA

Here i am once again after a long tym...n my absence would be obvious to those who know that i was outta town...and pampering myself in the picturusque surroundings of goa,had no intensions whatsoever to take to the internet even though i had the facility to do so at my disposition... Not that i'm addicted to the net and i needed a rehab ....just for a change i thought i can delve into the real world which seemed more like heaven for the 10 days that i was in goa...
And since i've nothin else to write about ,i thought why nt throw some light on the only place i'd rather wanna go to in india-and that's goa!!(I'm not the new agent of goa i'm nt promotin that place...i dnt even give a shit if u start hating that place after reading my awful travel guide...i'm just wasting tym-urz and mine too!!!! U can take that as a statuary warning before goin ahead!!)

The sea and the sand

Now this is the most obvious and enticing part of any tourist's iternarary(hope i got the spelling right!!) at a place like goa... and somethin that gives us that fresh air frm the sea before it is breathed and thrown out by the 1 billion ppl in India,and then polluted by more than half the no. of vehicles with more gases than u ever smelled in ur chemistry lab,and then recycled into a poisonous mass by our industries!! Ahh...the feeling with that cool sea breeze slapping at my face incessantly is simply out of the world and can anyday releive all the fatigue,and stress that life has burdened me with...

And its not just the wind which makes me feel cockeyed, its also the sensation when u walk on sand with ur bare feet ,and let the sea wash away that very sand as it comes and goes...that sinking feeling is so darn undescribable...
To top it all,there are alwaz those hot firang babes around and there's no harm(sayin it with the risk of sounding cliched) in steelin a glimpse or two of their svelte bodies glistening under the sun!!

Did lotta observing this tym ....children playin in the sand,as usual, ppl lettin themselves loose and goin beyond the red danger flags just to let themselves be enveloped by the high tides, the sunset ,the vastness of the sea which stretches on to infinity ,and beyond...the birds enjoyin the breeze and floating the same point for a few mins before lettin the wind take em back,and then repeating it until my eyes got tired!!!
Well , i had my moments of fantasy too ,and hoped that suddenly the black pearl would rise out from the depths of the sea and Capt. Jack Sparrow would greet us wid his-'Alas!U will always remember this as the day when u almost caught Capt. Sparrow!!!"

Though once gain ,like alwayz....i wished that the next tym when i sit next to the sea -i have somebody by my side apart frm the loneliness and the sea gulls...

The rainfall

With the onset of monsoons,the rains lashed incessantly against the windows of the hotel room day and was no less than a spectacle fr us delhiites and we revelled in it see those palm trees swaying to and fro with wet greenery all around and that too ,through the window glass well-dressed with water droplets was no less than straight outta a dream,and why wouldnt it be...given the fact that we dont usually get to see such a thing ...
The rain always has the potential to bring old memories ringing back , and that makes it all the more enjoying....i kept on listening to that sweet music of the raindrops striking against the wet ground with the expression of pure rapture on my face ,and hoped i would freeze with time,coz this is what i call-nirvana...

The palm trees

Hmmm....palm trees are to goa what pines are to the mountains,and to see them with their natural splendour in a perfect setting with hills in the background and the sea nearby is endemic to goa!! How the trees fan out their big leaves to catch the strong breeze is another marvel to be appreciated, sumthin which makes em luk akin to a wind mill!!!
Though theres a downsidie to it..u cant afford to stand beneath one -not just coz it wont give u much shade,but also becoz of the fact that they are heavily loaded with their cannons-the coconuts and a stubborn one might reward u with one straight on ur head!!!

The roads and the drive

One surprising fact that one seems to encouter in goa is that inspite of the heavy rains and the tourist rush,the roads seem as new as if built of an everlasting material.. no pits ,no water-logging...after what we see happening in mumbai -without even half the rainfall that goa receives-its actually quite amazing!! And what with the hills surrounding you and the sea running parallel ,driving in goa is absolutely fantabulous...whats more ,i drove about 60 kms(and that too mostly above 70 kms/hr) everyday without encountering a single traffic signal or a scratch on my car!!!Kewl i'd say...

The mini-cruise

Obviosly, this doesnt come within even an inch of the splendour and ecstacy that a full-fledged cruise offers...nonetheless,the 1 hour ride aboard this state govt run evening cruise is full of unadulterated and adulterated fun!!
Traditional dances ,drinks, the view of the capital city on one end of the river mandovi and the hills on the other end and to top it all ,a dj in the end....its worth a try!!(hey i'm not promoting goa,k!!)


Mostly unheard of in the north,this is the biggest multiplex in goa n mumbai...with tickets starting frm 150 bucks ,one can easily imagine what to expect...The lobby and waiting area is enormous and really cool with its awsome speaker system blaring out the latest hits,and its complete with a baskin robbins store and a lounge too!!!
And before the muvi starts is the real surprise- u are requested to stand as the tune of the national anthem starts playin and even before u take a second to be dashed amazed and luk at each other's faces,u find urself singin it wid full nationalistic fervour and pride!!
Though the multiplex is cool...but if ur'e watchin a drab movie like Jhoom... ur'e bound to come out complaining ,and so did I ,to my despair...but i soon gt sobered down by the rain which graciously welcomed me as i stepped outta the complex!!!

Well,there's a lot more to goa than just the aforementioned ,but i'd not like to go into all that ,coz obviously u cant expect me to describe the temples,churches and the places with breathtaking views here...i'll leave that for u...hehe

Did spend a lotta tym in the swimming pool doin ...obviosuly swimming....and being able to while away tym in a pool and not on the net was a big releif !!! Did miss out the company of freinds...had there bin some wid me,i'd have gone all out to explore the discs in town and rented a bike to soak in d pleasure... but unfortunately i was stuck wid parents ,and could hardly think abt goin to a nightclub without an eyebrow or two being raised...but ,my dear,such is life....
Hope u've found this post awfully boring -but the pleasure is all mine!!!!!

Me AGAINST Myself!! particular reason for this post....just coz things stagnate too quickly and become stale,i dnt want my blog to be destined towards such an ill-fate...
And if u've come here before, u might have already noticed the make-over ,or whatever u'd wanna call it ,of my little blog ,and just to bring ur attention to the state of affairs, i'd want u to scroll down to the bottom too....not that i want any adulation or credit for the sudden beautification or mortificaton(whichever u prefer) of this space...all i want is that nthin "new" shud be missed out...lolz...

Ok,now that ur'e most probably back from the trip down memory lane(read a scroll-down-my-blog-and-back-to-post), you must have diverted ur attention to the appearance of the spidey ...and if ur'e mind is racing too fast, it wud've also duped you into thinkin that like many others,i've also bin caught wid d spidey-bug(both literally and figuratively). And even though ur imagination has quite hit the bull's eye(and why wouldn't it....given the fact that the bull itself has a gigantic eye!!)..that's not quite the purpose of this pic here. If u know me well, the thought that it must have had some philosophical significance must've already hit ur head at the first go itself(though u'd not hesitate to admit that i managed to get u stray on to unwanted territory all this while!)...

Dunno why but this pic kinda gives me a sense of deja-vu,u know..the bin there done that kinds(and why wouldnt it,given the fact that i was spidey-dized in the paint-a-face competition long back)...but still it runs down deeper than that,and kinda reflects a universal truth....that of the dark side in all of us...somewhere hidden deep in the intricacies of our souls,and one which makes its presence felt from time to inseperable and yet loathed part of the human psyche and as well-blended (or ill-blended ) u might prefer as coffee with milk,or sugar wid ice-cream(or the other way or whatever)....ahem, taste-bud-tingling here plz....

I know some of us will find this idea achrimonious and sulk if i start elaborating upon it,but i cant help it...its my blog and u can very well go satisfy ur whims and fancies and take sadistic pleasure outta them.....

Now if ur'e still stuck reading this,u'll be waitin fr me to unleash my philospohy ...well,if thats the case....let me make it simpler.Think of the following scenarios:

1)Ur'e sitting alone (or wid a bunch of frnds) ,having a nice coke,a burger and chatting non-chalantly,or to make it better ,sitting on one of those couches at mochas/CCDs...and u suddenly notice a guy all over a hot-babe in a nearby couch,and it all might seem so lucrid to you...but u'll newaz be wishing that somehow the very next moment,the girl slaps him and u manage to steal her attention wid a twinkle in ur eye!!

2) Ur'e watchin an important match between India and Australia,and at the very last delivery when India need 2 runs to win( and keep it the world cup final to make it better)...ur girlfriend comes and turns off the TV,takin the authority of the remote control,and pops the question...wont u just think once -"Why the devil r u here...just go and hang urself frm the ceiling fell....god damn it,i'm watchin the final deleivery of the final!!!!"(dnt blame me if the scene seems straight outta PKSE)

3)Ur'e girlfriend ditches u ....and the very next day u r seen flirting away wid girls and acting like a gigolo....even though u still love ur gf,who isnt yet an ex....but u can do anythin to induce jealousy!!!(the same funda can be applied in case ur'e a girl,though i'm srry if ur;e not dat kinda girl!!Bt what the hell....y shud i b sorry for it!!)

4)When at the naive adolscent age ,u were jealous of that classmate alwaz scoring marks higher than u ,or winning the praise and applause of most of the people around...and for once u wished -"Why doesnt he get killed in a car mishap??" or worse still...plotted a whole story to show him/her down in front of the others..

I guess this much is enough to illustrate that bit of demon which sits inside all of us....
On a more philosophical note ,we all ,at some point ,have enjoyed playin the demon...but in the process we hv failed to realize what it can do to the other person...All the above scenarios were thought in a very sarcastical manner ,and i myself havent bin akin to them at any stage of my life...but what i'm trying to say is ,havent we all changed ourselves in some way or the other and modelled our personalities on the basis of what's decent and what's not, just so that we can gain greater acceptability in a society that has defined arbit rules and regulations to judge a person...

Havent we all had our times,when we stood in front of the mirror,and wondered -"Whats happened to me -am i still the same guy that i was???" What we see is not a reflection of our own selves ,but what the world has made of us...all those bruises and pain are all visible and so is the insesitivity ,and aloofness that's left our li'l brain cells addled... The familiar voice that still speaks out frm the depths of our hearts is still audible ,but do we really want to hear it??? Do we really want to give a chance to those very emotions that have let us down everytime ,everytime we laid our trust on somebody ,or something that felt familiar outta the crimson lives that we lead..

Bruised ,broken ,let-down,all of us have perpetually put that mask on our faces ,to hide our true selves from this world,to seek comfort in that cocoon we built for ourselves,to remain under the ageis of only our pure soul,the only part of us which is still untouched ,and which still lives... Its so much better to show off this part of us which doesnt even exist and why not,when every1 just seems to love it and swear by it,and when everybody else does the same...we've learned to pretend and now we are so adroit at it that we seemlessly keep on doin it day after day...and even sometimes when we did let it fade and showed up our true selves ,this cruel world has pushed it further deep down,only to be taken place by a murkier mask,and this vicious cycle endlessly goes on...

Yes ,we are losing out ourselves in the race today,but we dont really have any option,coz our true selves arent allowed to participate ,leave alone move ahead...We think we know people,but what we have known is only that part of the reality which doesnt exists ,and the actuality alwaz seems to allude no matter how hard we try... its like a matrix that we ourselves programmed ,but forget to add that module to unplug it,and now wer'e stuck inside forever.... it doesnt then matter how many people are there close to us today,their realities are still far away,outta reach..and that makes us feel,lonely even in a crowd..

Yes ,people know my name..and they call me names too,some out of affection and some for no reason at all,but do they know me at all??? Have they ever seen through this hallucination they face??Forget that ,they dont even know themselves well....

I guess no point bragging about a lost cause ,coz newaz there's no point in trying to change our destinies,and its too late to change the path that we all have taken,and in any case there's no other path which isnt devoid of loneliness...for the moment let us seek solace in the fact that wer'e one among many ...nobody likes to be the pioneer of an unsuccessful movement,and what the heck...who has the tyme??All that we can hope is that this is a nightmare,which soon would end...and hope is all we've got...till then lets keep hating love,keep disrespecting respect ,keep treating others like zombies,keep tearing away feelings ,keep picking the thorns and throwin away roses,until one day a voice calls within you-


||~Memoirs of the 4th Sem~||

There’s nothin worth writing home about this sem, and even as I say so ,it has sprung so many surprises that I knw its one sem that I will never be able to forget for the rest of my life….It seemed like most of the things that’ve happened since the beginning of this year have been straight outta a dream,or better put ,a nightmare(though yeah on some instances ,I’d stick to dreams),for the tears I’ve cried,if taken together ,would easily suffice one month’s water requirement for the complete hostel,if ,god forbid, anything happens to the water supply and ppl are left high and dry …Uhh,I know the thought’s not very appealing to any1 reading this space,but I couldn’t think of a better way to put it!!!

And as far as the smiles are concerned ,well….

Brace-less and in search of happy-ness

what an irony actually ,I used to be happy when I had the blood sucking braces on,and even as I tried hard to hide em ,I was continually given reasons to smile,and now that theyr’e off and I wanna show off dat broad grin, I realize it has been snatched away from me!!!
At first though,ppl hardly noticed my brace-less-ness,until I started pointing out…bt newaz it was a gr8 feelin to be back wid my original pair of teeth,though strangely the face I used to love had changed completely and strangely,my dentist liked it better…

CGPA dipping like temp. in January

Yeah,it was a shock to every1,including me,as my CGPA fell from a respectable 8.375 to 7.125,and that for reasons I still cannot fathom… Every1 kinda found an alibi in Counter Strike,but I had better planz than to blame a harmless computer game for my performance …after all ,I still aint mad for frags!!!

The Bakar-az

Hmm…strangely the bakar sessions this sem were unusually long ,and surprisingly quite "hatke" from our usual chitter-chatter… for the first time we began musing about our future prospects ,including the MBA prep,and damn, I was so influenced I went ahead to join Career Launcher(looking at the first series of packages makes me puke!!!)…then there were unusually long talk sessions about girls ,which left Bhutani so charged up everytime,that he proposed a new girl every fortnight!!!Phew!!! We still cant help but laugh at him,rather with him!!!
But I’d still cant forget one particular bakar session that I had with shubhi,standing in the middle of the road ,and how a group of girls passed us and greeted us ,and when they returned after 2 hrs ,they found us standing at the very same spot…they could hardly believe their eyes!!! It kinda always has to be one such session between us every sem,and I regret that its never more than one!!!I pity that guy though,had to bear me for 4 hrs with a fever on his head!!!

The Bus/Train-Travails

It seemed that the bus-rides kept getting bumpier as the sem progressed…Blaming the roads for the fiasco wont be correct ,coz most of the times twas my fault and the fact that the VOLVOs are hazardous to health made it all d more merry!!!
And by the end ,it seems it all got so intolerable that my "usual companion" realized I was no gud and gave up on me,and finally fought fr her rights!!!
Though I’d wanna blame the Delhi-U.P. fights which caused our dear shatabdis to desert ISBT ,and what it left behind was utter chaos!!
Ofcourse,the icing on the cake was the journey back frm Dehradun,where we had to sit on the bus floor!!

Srishti 07

Our annual hobbies club exhibition was a let down this time with no festivities and DJ around ,but it managed to earn me quite a reputation!! Not only did I,along with my 10 pointer frnd,win the first prize ,but I was elected the joint secy by a toss!! It didn’t end here ,coz now it seems I’ve bin promoted to the helm of the affairs –the post of Secy!!!
Though the last day of Srishti would alwaz be a part of my bad memories…
But it didn’t lemme down,and I gladly took the trophies to my partner’s room,who was caught by the cold,and was satisfied to share our success..


The 4th sem was also accompanied by the realization that I’m getting older…but hold on..arent u supposed to be forgetting things when ur’e graying…I guess goin by that ,ppl around me have gone older and I’m still young…How ,otherwise would I have remembered to wish my best pal on his b’day and still after listening to 5 mins .of my bakar ,he manages to ask-“Who’re you?” ,and even after being told who he’s supposedly talking to,he chips in with-“Who,ayush??”
How could he forget the voice that’s bin there with him through most part of his school life, the one which pleaded their cause to the snobbish principal and the one who laughed with him on the day of suspension…it takes a lifetime to create memories,but only a moment to forget it all….

Say-Na Say-Na

This goes out to the most popular word of the sem-“No”…
Be it an offer for chhole bhature(!!!),ice-cream(!!!),or an invite fr the auspicious B.D.,or just a talk,all I got was a “no”…
Be it a plead to increase a mark or two ,or a plead of innocence when I was accused of cheating,all I got was a “no”…
hey bhaggu,Kya zamaana aa gaya hai!!!

Bhawan days

This is a part of our lives which introduce some excitement into our otheriwse dull schedules ,and would continue to entice until the very last year of our stint at IITR...
It wasnt lyk the first year this tym around,when we(read me n rishabh) used to just go n squat in any bhawan day on its bhawan day and used to ask fr passes like beggars(just fr d gud food ofcourse,and I still remember how me,rishabh ,pulkit and twarit almost got killed in that stampede in azaad last tym)...we had no option at that tyme,but this time we had spread out in almost all the hostels and so i expected atleast a few,if not all invites...But much to my displeasure and agony,not a single invite came,and i was graciuosly brought bak to my first year days i dont mind begging fr passes it is i'm one with ever-dipping levels of self esteem and self respect,and so it wasnt hard for me to start begging again...And given the fact that i know more than 75% of the people frm the 2005 batch,ranging across departments as diverse as electrical ,mechanical,civil,meta,etc etc and ofcourse the E&CE deptt,and even quite a lotta seniors,i managed to procure passes for 7 outta the 8 hostels(includin my own ofcourse,of which i had procured more than just a few copies!!)...
But in anycase,they left me “high and dry”...dunno when that shubh gharee is gonna arrive when i recv an invite!!

One nite@the main building stop stretchin ur imagination too far...coz what happened was completely harmless!!!
Was the ravindra bhawan day and after havin eaten until our stomachs ached and still managin 2-3 ice creams each,we endeavoured to stop by at the main building and the fact that we had to jump the fence and a guard was perfectly seated with a rifle in his hand didnt quite bother us!!We were armed too- with 3 guitars and a hunger for havin some clean fun...and so we put up our dharna and sat rite at the center of the main building,and started off wid our song and dance routines!! The guard's repeated warnings didnt dampen our spirits ...And then for 2 hours after that ,we made the IITR's center of admin seem like a caravan!!!
It isnt usual for us to have that much of fun at IITR,so that day i guess stands out!

Fervour -RJB bhawan day

Now this was one day when i tried to put everythin in place as it was last year...invited the same 4 ppl,and was lukin forward to it coz we all somehow knew its gonna be the best one among all the B.Ds…but again,I was given d cold shoulder!!!Only 2 of em came, and they were 2 busy wid themselves….bt newaz all I know is that we danced lyk hell and that stage we broke was one feat worth remembering!!!

The Drunkies club & the darker side of MEeeeeee

Although everybody knows what happened that night was just too much and too bad….dunno why bt I wanted to lash out at ppl in general….we had had an awesome bhawan day and so ppl kept wonderng why I felt so frustrated…I don’t know what came over me and I (or we) drank so much that the situation gt outta gear….dunno when I began to swing to and fro and we made our way to the busT…dunno what wud ‘ve happened if the 2 ppl who hadn’t drunk hadn’t joined us…. Dnt kno why I said all those things on the way ,and dnt know why I let the world kno everything that I had so well hidden from the world…I dug my own grave I guess…its kinda weird what alcohol can do to u….even when u know ur’e fallin in a pit,u dnt feel like getting out!!!
Though I had a terrible hangover d next day and missed all classes,bt still I for once felt gud that I had let out those feelings and the frustration that was welling inside me …
And that was the last time I ever drank!!!!Yucks!!!!!!!!


Cognizance this time for me mostly meant convergence,which took away 4 days of hardwork with only abt 1 hr of sleep each day ,that too while working…bt I’m glad that it turned out well at last and all our efforts bore fruit….200 ppl fr the 1st round was awsum…
There were a few things missing frm cogni this time round-esp the kaun-banega-chocopati,even though we had planned it since long….bt we never really got the time,and fr once I didn’t feel like doin it again…
Still ,there were sum things I enjoyed –bandish nite ,the 3 choco fudges at nirula’s all to myself ,the laser-cum-dj nite,and the world cup match!!!
And how can I forget ,the matherina debacle…how we gave up our only rest day to create slides ,sacrificed our 3 hrs of sleep that we had been entitled to that nite,spoke an impromptu at the PPT, and won hands down in the end!!!Yeah, 3rd outta 3rd ..thats awsum!!!I feel so proud!!!Hardwork pays u see….
I really feel gud though coz convergence gave me new frnds-abhishek,deb,shanky,ritika,shubham version 2,dig(our own SRK),and karan

Prakash restaurant

Wanted to write this small token of thx to the rest. For I ate so many meals there(90% of em alone) ,and had a lotta chapos too….also nt to forget the chapo I gave to one person I just knew existed(coz I wanted company!!),and how we are gud fnds today…
and of course,how they got fed up of 2 ppl fitin over chhole bhature and cheeze tamatar..


Hmm...this is sumthin that's quite interesting-how i used to jump the wall of RJB and reach prakash in 5 mins flat!!!Ate a lotta icecreams when there wasnt nebody to give company ,and used the shortcut heartily-it was an adventure in itself!!!


This was also a sem where I bid goodbye to so many ppl …. The M.Sc. waale kind n generous ppl,the MBA students who I usually wished whenevr our paths crossed ,and a temporary one to Neeraj,Bagghi,Praggy,and a few others whor’e off to Singapore…
I hope they wont forget me though … coz even as they go to a new place and a new lyf,I’m still stuck here in dis sweet prison!!!

The blow-my-CGPA-deptt
This one deserves a pat on the back!!!My CG has become a kinda bumpy ride...from 8.675 to 7.125 in sem was a roller coster fall!!!I loved it though
But i'm glad to be back in d race with 8.03!!

Finally time fr thank –you’s

1)Prerna-fr being there at the worst of times and helping me sail thru wid dose sweet msgs….

2)Shubham-fr knowin me inside out and bein the guidin lite all thru...for helpin me in the toghest situation...

3)Surbhi-fr being the wisdom woman(;o))...for all those words of wisdom on frndhsip and love...i wish the world was so ideal as u see it,and i wish ur philosophy could be agreed upon by all..

4)Sagun-for sayin those inspirin things even though he's a man of few words..lolz...for tellin me-"aupsy tere ko kya ho gaya??Hume humaara aupsy waapis chahiye!!"when i wasnt myself,and then tellin me-"stop thinkin abt things u'll never understand...apni cg bacha le aupsy..this is ur last chance!!"..i did it ghisuu!!!!!!

5)Bagghi-for givin me a chance to become the Joint secy and then promoting it to Secy,and for that chapo at prakash!!

6)Deepika- for being the only 1 frm the school grp agreeing to a "get-together" everytime!!!lolz

7)Gautam-fr invitin me to his sis's wedding....i'm xtremely srry i cudnt make it

8)Bhutani-for keepin me away frm smokin on that unauspicious nite when i had lost my senses...and fr bein there on the most unauspicious day of my life!!

wanna thank a lot more ppl here....many fr being there,and quite a few for lettin me learn some cruel lessons in life,the hard way....
All in all ,the most unusual sem ever......

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