At the LIBRARY...

STATUARY WARNING:This post has no resemblence to any person living /dead. Any such case,henceforth ,should be deemed as purely unintentional and coincidental. And oh,any1 who thinks he/she has been in the same spot at any point of time in their lives are invited to comment .Any living person who finds it objectionable beyond his/her temper is cursed to rot in hell!!!

Hey there looking at me
Temme what do u see
Behind the glasses that disguise
and that ridiculous smile and li'l eyes

But hell ,you quickly turn your head away
I try to fight with words
Dont have the courage to come up to you
My chances are looking a bit grey

Digging your head in that dusty book
Are you trying to evade my look??
But aint nobody tell you honey
life is just a tad more funny

Which year may I ask
or which course may I prod
What difference would it make
I'll make do with an approving nod

Ohh but how did i forget
Aint u that rarest of species at this place
with all that air on your face
and a nose thats always held up high??

Am i not supposed to stay away
from the queen of the world
err....rather the queen of your world
for thats what they say

But i come back to reality
and once again captivated by your beauty
Staring across the room
Are you leaving soon??
But hey ...I ...I just need a li'l time!!

Why did you have to leave so soon?
Why did you have to walk away?
Oh well it happened again
She walked away with her "boyfriend"
Maybe we'll meet again someday.


Anonymous said...

well well well....

Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

3 equispaced wells!!! Is it some morse code ...didnt u know i aint no decipherer!!! Plz write sumthin i can also understand!!:D

Anonymous said...

m the crypt did hint the commentor...

n all it says is..

Kaun hai woh ladki.. rehti hai woh kahan...

Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

hehe....does that question need an answer!!! IITR ki library mein paayi gayee thi toh SB mein hi rehti hogi...
lol...well...u shud read the WARNING again..."no resemblence to any1 living/dead/still in the womb" i guess that pretty much answers ur query!!! :P:D

Nishi v2.2 said...

good work.. :)
Nice Blog!

Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

hey thx fr reading....but i must say its no where near when compared to ur receiving a complement from you really gives a high...
was just wondering btw...where did u get my blog's address???
Newaz...thx a lot!!! :)

Nishi v2.2 said...

oh I got it from Kriti's blog.

Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

whoa....i'm completely amazed,dazed and dumbfounded...all this time i never knew there were people out there reading my blog and even putting up its link on their own blogs ....and to knw how beautifully u guyz write ,and that ur'e more or less masters of the blogging world ...i seriously feel that all i have written since d past one year hasnt gone into the gutter....
i cannot express in words the amount of encouragement i've got today ,and if this blog sees the light of another 10 yrs to come,it'll be undoubtedly coz of readers like u...
Thx n keep visiting...

Nishi v2.2 said...

People link to other people on their blogs for ease of navigation .. it is easy to follow up (atleast I do so.. lol)
And being a one-year old blogger myself, I can completely understand how someone's appreciation gives a new high..
Keep blogging.. :)

creation s said...


heyy.. u owe me a thnx.. for giving u new reader..'nishi..

i read ur blog b4 too...(dats a stupid thing to say.. coz obviously i wudve done that since ive given its link on my blog..).

just wanted to say.. nice blog.. (again.. that was obvious.. lol)..

but yaar.. woh ladki hai kahan???

Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

wud surely put up ur link on my blog too...though not many ppl visit here ,but still i'm sure those who do take out time will love ur work!!!

hehe....woh ladki huh!!! Hai...somewhere in my
Thx for takin out time to read,though i dont know since how long u've been "silently" reading it ,and how much of the last 1 year i have unconsciuosly come to share with u here...
But plz dont delete ur blog,and do keep visiting!!! :)

creation s said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
creation s said...

ahh well...
luks lyk i am NOT deleting my blog aftr all..
waise.. urs was the rzn that 'convinced' me not to do
keep blogging.. n keep visiting...

creation s said...

blog updated :)

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