STATUARY WARNING : IF youre in IITR 3rd year...i wouldnt advise you to read this post...still if you read and find yourself boiling , I suggest you take 1 tab Paracetamol (its an effective medicine for bringing down body temps!!) ... I do not wish to be approached for what I write here under any circumstance ,or at any given point of time.... Those about whom I write here will definitely know it ,and all I'd say is - I had immense pleasure showing you a mirrror!!! For every1 else and for those I wish would read this, this post should be a waste of tym..unfortunately...muahaha!!!

Hmm...51 posts old and my blogging frequency is already on the dowturn ...i wonder what brought me to this ....looking bak ,i used to be such an avid blogger....Maybe i shouldnt think so much ,considering whatever has happened since this year began has been positive and I intend and hope to keep it that way

So after a long time and after about 2 drafts that i finally decided to dump, i'm here with a KRAZZY post (minus the Hrithik and SRK "stolen" item nos.!!! ) ,and make no mistake...this aint no ordinary post...this one's the real expose on the frickin IITians ...well ,not all of the ones I wanna expose!!! :D

Mélange-(n)-a mixture, or a group of different things or people. This is how the dictionary puts it. One can’t help but wonder how apt it is to our lives ,such as they’ve become. The tumultuous yet carefree lives of IITians – a confused mélange of the possible events and the impossible castles in the air . A mélange of aims, aspirations and ideas –the common thread that runs through us and binds us all together .The mélange of courses and rigorous schedules wer’e put through.....

..... The mélange of sounds one hears entering the bhawan premises is something not to be missed- be it the cacophony of the 2nd yearites while playin cricket/football ( who seem to play less and scream more) , or the blaring sound of guns and ticking bombs (ohh…our hostel isn’t exactly a war front… ye sab to Counter Strike ki mahima hai!!) …the most gothic rock numbers to the most sober songs,and even the bathrooms in the morning when you get to hear the clear, unfiltered notes of the falling water, and the singer(ahem…bathroom singer to be precise) boldly holds his ground, in a mélange of all kinds of voices –the list just keeps on increasing( did I miss the chirping birds early in the morning…ohh most of us know it apparently, with all those night outs!!)

This is what I recently wrote for my hostel magazine ,and couldnt have articulated more perfectly ...the thoughts just flowed ,except for that first para where I was forced to mention how everyone of us seem to be in perfect harmony. Actually ,all through this article i wrote ,I've silently poured out my hatred for everyone out there (except a few) ,but written it so subtly that they'll never be able to see it through ...they do have a reputation of making a fool out of themselves ...they'll do that once again when they read this article and feel happy(oh I sure know they would ).

Before i let myself lose and let my emotions overflow, lemme introduce u to A New Breed abundantly found in my college -

1) The ALPHA IITian: These are the kind of people who'd be all over you when they need a favour ,and looking into their eyes will find you in hot water...literally!!! The amount of brotherly love and care they'd show in moments of urgency is amazing for a breed which tore away the pages of the dictionary which had these adjectives...or verbs...or whatever.... Gosh! they'll want you near em in the exam hall if they know u've prepared for the exam, they'll want your notes if u ever do make em, they'll almost lick at your feet for proxies... but ask for the same favour in return and the kind of look they give u will burn u into pieces at the place where u stand .Try and give them a taste of their own character ,and u'll have to confront their inflated ,and now bruised -EGOs!!!! And ego here is in the real sense of the world ,which ofcourse isnt the proper way in which it should be defined!!! (i'm the most egotistical person u'll come across ,if only ego could be defined the way I want to!!! hehe!!)

2)The BETA IITian: These are the kind of people who'll pretend to their capacities to be the best of your friends ,and would assert it time and again by saying and sorry and getting away with it and then catching you by the collar and asking you for forgiveness... With them u'll wish to plead for mercy just when u see a slight hint of it in their eyes... They'd be sugar coated nice to you when u talk to them ,but behind ur back they'l bitch about u... when in a group ,this breed tends to isolate you and join the whims of the whole group ,esp when theyre directed entirely against u!!! Moreover, they are characterised by their sadist natures which is fed on the gullibility of a chosen few....bloody parasites.... :P

3)The GAMMA IITian: This breed is not too unique and wouldnt come as a surprise coz this is what every IITian is to the outer world... A ghissu (read bookworm) .... These are the people who are so proud of their high CGPAs that they almost wanna trample upon the feet of their not so blessed counterparts. They'll not wanna discuss with u matters pertaining to academics ,and hence ,they wont discuss anythin with you ,coz they hardly,if ever talk about anythin other than academics. They'll rightfully hold their heads high when the results come out ,and would give a dirt sideways glance to all those 8 or 7 pointers standing in the vicinity ,and would leave with a fart of loud chuckle at their face . They wouldn't help one pass an exam if the unlucky one happens to be outta their league ,and would come up with awsome excuses for not having helped. If only they could realise that every1 in IIT is worth an ounce of his brain and can study the way they study (if only he wastes lesser amount of time in doin unnecessary jobs!!) ,this world would be such a better place to live

4)The FIITians: Well...this refers to the non-existent ,or call it rare if that comes as a consolation- female breed . I do not incude this breed here just for the heck of it. I say this is rather the most hated (by me!!) breed here. With 7 guys' hostels and just 1 of the opposite sex, they sure have guys swooning over them in large flocks ,and this is what has given them the luxury to take every guy for granted -coz most apparently ,when there are too many things of the same kind , each one of them becomes less precious!! And oh, this breed is so characterised by the absence of any bond ,any respect for people of its own kind. I fail to understand why- girls here dont get along well together (dont eat my head if ur'e one of the exception kinds!! :P ) .If only ,someone could tell them how they dont deserve a pinch of respect for the kind of pride they have in their behaviour ,and that they cannot hold the entire institute to ransom just coz theyr'e rare- things would pretty much make a lotta sense!!! Phew!!!

5)The CHOC-A-BLOC IITians: other words ...people like me...together constitute 1% of the population here!!! Wer'e the ones wholove ourselves ,and who're trying to love everyone else around them. Most of the times its a futile effort and we end up falling face down ,but we still dont lose hope ,and thats when we collide into each other - finding solace in each other's warmth... talking (literally) about all those mundane things that make life so beautiful (and ugly as well ).... for once we dont have to thin about what we speak.... we let our hearts do the talking...and leave our minds to rest for a while...we meet as infrequently as rain in a desert ,but when we do ,people cant help to notice the kind of energy we radiate it just another talk over coffee,or a dance at the fest ,we love to let our hair down ,for all to see...I hope we can be good examples for people to emulate...till then, we'll rejoice in the recognition of each other and an acknowledgement of the other's presence...somewhere... :)

On second thoughts ,everyone is a different person ,everyone has a choc-a-bloc "them" in themselves...they lose their identities somewhere along the way in a bid to get along with people and gain larger acceptance from society . I dont know why but this trend of being in synch with "what people say" is ruining the very nature of people in this place, and in all my efforts to find exceptions , i'd say i've hardly (and most fortunately for that) found just about a couple of them...
There are so may people who're finally bidding goodbye to their college this year ,and I see so many happy memories splashed across orkut ,or blogs ...I see them share the same camaraderie with each other as at one point (and even now) i shared with my school mates. And i keep wondering-will I ever be so emotional about the last 4 years when i finally punch out of IIT...will I want to remember the people around me and capture their gleeful smiles on the reel?? Will I have atleast a "few" memories that I'd wanna live out in the last few days?? And the only answer that comes out is a big NO... i'd rather leave a dark black hole to fill in these 4 years of my life... I used to wish if I could rewind my life ..but now I wish I could just forward it by one year!!!

THE FOUR THINGS (tagged by Nishi)

Four schools/colleges/jobs I’ve been at in my life :

1)Kulachi Hansraj Model School, Ashok Vihar ,Delhi:That was way back in Kindergarten;the only memory i have from there is falling face down just after the assembly got over and getting my knee bruised ;still have the mark which has been too stubborn to go away even after 15 years!!

2) Ryan International School ,Ghaziabad :The school that build my foundation , and helped me become the person that I am today ,with all the creativity bullioned into me right from the very first class that I attended there. The kind of respect the teachers and authorities had there for me still gives me a high .The feeling of everybody knowing you by name is just unsurpassed(though I fail to see the point when i say that,but still it makes one feel like a celebrity!!! lol!!) . Made a lot of good friends ,but not in touch with any of them now. All in all ,had the best 8 years of my life at this school. Even awarded the "all-rounder" and "Genius" neckties and shields when i finally left the school.

3)Montfort School,Ashok Vihar,Delhi: My transition from Delhi-Ghaziabad-Delhi was now complete. Rightly said ,life does come full circle. Cried a lot initially ,what with problems adjusting to a metropolitan city and its self centered people,in addition top being constantly bullied by peers and teachers alike.
My admission to this school was an interesting one though. I arrived at the school with my parents on the day of the test(which incidentally was a month after the session had begun ,on the insistence of my parents ,and ofcourse the "sifaarish" of one MP) ,only to know that the madam who conducts the test had been on leave. I was quite ok with it when the princi said it ,and was actually overjoyed at the thought of returning back to my gud ol' school ,when suddenly my mom began to cry ,that too in front of the princi .She wanted to prove a point maybe ,and told the princi she wants me admitted at any cost. The princi acquiesced ,and decided to take an interview himself,right on the spot. He asked me a few maths problems and some arbit ques. i answered em all helf heartedly ,not caring if theyr'e correct or not, but as luck would have it,the next thing I know was the princi congratulating my parents -"Welcome to the Montfort Family!!". I was too numb to feel anything ,but there I was -admitted to a new school ,without even bidding goodbye to my ol friends. And so the journey began from class VIII onwards.Life had been fairly simple to me before that. The school kinda taught me how to struggle against the odds and prove oneself to the world. It took me a year to assimilate into the class ,and by class IX , I had found a cozy circle of friends and a place in the top five rankers of the class!!

After spending 4 years in this school (and culminating finally with a suspension) ,I walked out after having learned so much from a competetive environment and from the varied kinds of people i met here. But in all respects ,i owe a lot to it...including the fact that it enabled me to meet the one i respect the most,love the most...ahem ahem....

4) IIT Roorkee:Aasman se tapka hua khaajoor mein hi atakta doubt I am !!!No need to say anything about this place....

Four TV shows I love to watch :

If the expected answer is all-time favourites it goes:

1) Tom and jerry, Dexter's Lab, Swat Kats, Ducktales, Alladin, Talespin, Power Rangers, Turtles ....phew!!! I club them as one coz i remember being so hooked on to these as a kid,and they still manage to mesmerise me ,even though they only show silly repeat telecasts now!!!Toons rock!!
There are some things in life which just give you pure bliss, and once youre into them you dnt really have to think too much about anything else. Cartoons are on of 'em.

2)The O.C. : This was one helluva TV Show. Watched it during the first year of college. Cried with it ,laughed with it ,lived with it. 4 seasons of no -nonsense drama. This is reality ,it was good to face it on TV before actually experiencing it!!!!

3)Comedy : Used to watch DIL KYA CHAHTA HAI, KHICHDI, SARABHAI VS SARABHAI, SHARARAT, AND FRIENDS in the days of high school. Now graduated to the likes of COUPLING, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, SCRUBS ,etc etc....

4)PRISON BREAK AND HEROES: The best series ever !!!!!! Edge of the seat action....go for it!!!

Four places I have lived :

1)Delhi : why ofcourse!!! :D
2)Ghaziabad: those were the days....
3)Singapore :well ,almost (used to be there for 2 months everuy year for 3 years!!! ) ...does it qualify???!! ;)
4) London : The question only says "places I have lived" .This is one city I have lived ,seeped through my eyes, soaked in my blood , and felt its air against my face. Yes, I dont care if it was only for a month , I have LIVED this city and its (multi)culture through and through!!!

Four movies I can watch over and over :

1)Kal ho Na Ho: Watched it 50 times already...need i say more?!!! ;)
2)Rang De Basanti :WOW!!! Just opened my eyes ,and during the days we spent rallying against the reservation bill ...this became our inspiration...
3)Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar : Anything to remind me of my school days...and the innocence!!! :)
4)A Walk to Remember: Cute,mushy and so close to reality...

Four books I liked the most (read in recent times) :

I dont read a lotta books maybe the ones I mention arent the best picks....but still ,lemme tell ya:
1)To Kill A Mocking Bird : Awesome book... so much is said through the innocence and curiosity of a li'l girl whose trying to figure out the world through her eyes. The way she interprets everythin is just so close to what it really is. Somehow wer'e so blinded by our own mask when we grow up that we tend to justify everything that happens according to what is/should be ideal(according the rest of the people) so much so that we seem to be living in a constant illusion,a mirage of our own detached from reality...But the way this book makes one realise it just amazing.
2)Veronica Decides to Die: this one by paulo Cohelo is sweet madness....literally and figuratively.... gives away an instant message about how we should lead our life (and also end it) on our own terms and not how the society dictates it... Also how the constant awareness of death can lead one to cherish his/her life!!!
3)PG Wodehouse-Pelican at Blandings: Laugh riot...typical wodehouse literature!!!
4)Anything for You Ma'm- An IITians love story : This one's to lighten up the load off your life... best romantic novel ive read recently!!

Four places I have been on holiday (in the last couple of years):

1)Goa:cant remember nething beyond it!!! ;)
3)Bangalore: courtesy Google
4)Jaipur:awful city :P... seems its called pink city because people have a habit of spitting after chewing tobacco u can find a lotta pink stains!! :P (no offence to Jaipur-ites!!! )
cant remember nething beyond it!!! ;)

Four of my favourite dishes:

If the food is good ,my appetite goes outta control,and here are somethings which can have that kinda effect:
1)Pasta: with mushroom sauce...sumptuous
2)Baked Vegetables with Cheese : Light ,healthy and very very tasty ;)
3)Chilli Potatoes :An awesome Chinese dish!!
4)All things that mom makes at home :maybe due to the rarity of it ;)

Four websites I visit daily:

1)Orkut :cant help ...the addiction refuses to go....
2)Gmail and Hotmail
3) and Google Groups
4)Blogger blogs

Four places I would rather be right now:

1) In the arms of ...ahem ahem :)!!!
2)Attending a class (coz m bunkin one while writing this!!! )
3)A sea beach...just sittin ...watching the waves hit the shore...
4)At a DJ...can dance anytime of the day!!

Four music tracks playing on my comp(of late):

1)Miss you :Westlife
2)Tears Dont Fall:Bullet For My Valentine
3)When your'e Gone: Avril
4)Ae Kaash ke hum : Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa (SRK's oldy!! )

Four people I am tagging :


Kitna timepass karna hai...bas show khatam ho gaya....ghar jao!! :P

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