Dedicated to all those whose smiles i'll see for the last time ...maybe...

Lets sit for a while ,lets stare for a while
Heaven can wait lets mock at it for a while
Lets dance for a while, lets dance in style
The music can play still for a while

We'll wait for the race we've won
they'll see our golden faces turned to the sun
come lets have some more fun,some more fun
before we call it a thing done

Let us die young or let us live forever
tomorrow is not in our power
sitting in the cockpit ,we know life's a short trip
lets just finally get a grip,get a grip

Sooner or later , We'll look back on everything
we'll laugh about it like we knew what all was happening
Today lets dance again for a while, lets dance in style
to the tune of heart beats still thumping for a while

The beats are still young
there are so many songs left unsung
so many bottles left undrunk
Sooner or later they'll all be gone
Why dont they stay young, why dont they stay young

Lets bid goodbye in style dear friend
We were the ones who dared to break the trend
we'll dare to dance for a while, dance in style
to the tune of dreams bin' swinging for a while

Lets join our hands and walk another mile
the crimson sky awaits our exile
till the day we dance again for a while, dance in style
the farewell bells have bin ringing for a while ....

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