Phew!! My first actual post of the year!!! feels gr8 to be back in action again...
So its February ...the season of love as they call it,and we poor IITians have so much other than love scheduled for the month, the frickin mid sems notwithstanding (who the hell chose Valentine's day as a perpetual date for setting the exam !!! It happenz wonly at IIT :P)

Now needless to say(for the regular readers ) ,the first month of this year has been a very eventful one ,and a lotta thinga that i couldnt have imagined in my wildest dreams just struck me in the face... The bliss of having some1 say "i love you" or the best internship one could ever get- i have it all, and a lot more!

There are some things that in my 20 years of life I had never experienced ,and now that I have felt them so closely ,must say everything has been worth it through and through, and even after i know the xperience ,its so not like the process of opening a gift-wrapper ,when the excitement in the process dies as soon as you discover what the gift is -coz what i've felt is just beyond words, and everlasting. Sometimes ,its scary, what if it just falls apart one day ?? Do i really have the privilege of being so happy at a given time?? Well, at the risk of sounding paranoid -must say feels a bit surreal ,but what the heck -I know i'll make the most of it till the happiness lasts!! But must say ,nothings comes without strings attached!! Lemme elaborate a on few interesting things:

-->Well, I guess the first few weeks of falling in love or falling out of it are essentially the same.For starters ,one actually lies in bed the whole day listening to slow songs (the lyrics start to matter so much more than ever before...wow...i inadvertantly sounded a bit poetic here too!!!) ,wistfully thinking about just one person!!! Phew!!!Not just this, one suddenly starts to have a sea change in his overall perception of things and general attitude towards life ...When you fall outta love , you feel like hitting every other person close to you ;on the other hand ,when you fall into it, you'd wanna give a jaadu-ki-jhappi to all and sundry (oh! and this feeling gets pronounce when there's a hottie around ,though at the risk of being one-tight-ishlapped a la kal ho na ho!!! :P)

-->Delhi seemed to be teeming with happening places to hang out only until last month...but now it suddenly seems that there's not a single place in delhi to go to ,somewhere the crowd can just leave you to your own devices (and your own girl and her rum balls!!) .One goes to a movie to find a house full (of wasted /vella people!!) ,and you go to a fast food joint with just the same results -only this time,the joint is full of "joint" families with disjoint opinions about what to eat and uncontrollable kids with one eye on your girl and the other on your rum ball!!!!! :P

-->People /things/ even online messengers seem to start playin "sadist" with you. Your parents ,who'd have been inviting u home since so many days ,would suddenly start gettin suspicious even if you go home only for a day( or is it becoz ur'e goin home only for "a" day!!) ,and hold an unwelcome look when u reach home (seems for a moment that ur'e house is only ur guesthouse -only,this one is in your hometown!! :P) . More than this, your phone starts playin fickle games with u,and u can't seems to connect a normal call to the object of ur affection. And what when even Gtalk starts complaining when u wanna send something across and hatches a plot to get the 2 lovebirds to fight by sayin at one end-"the sender withdrew his offer" and at the other-" the receiver declined the offer"!!!
Not to 4get how people just cant seem to stop watching you on your first date,and even waiters turn up to remind you of social values ,as if they're blessed with the supreme duty!!

-->You start lying too much and too often...with all and sundry(sometymes even to her...lol !!!)

Ahem ..... PYAR KE SIDE EFFECTS anyone????!!!! lol :P

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