Well...had no clue about this tagging business about an hour ago when I had this sudden scrap from Kriti -"Uve bin tagged ",and i was at a loss to understand what exactly she meant by it... But after a li'l explaining and a sample too ,i can say i'm well versed with this tagging thing ,coz i've already done a lotta similar stuff filling slams and profiles on social networking sites!!!
Though I really hate that i'm sitting here and typing when i would have otherwise bin sleepin...lol... but newaz now that the responsibility has bin thrust upon my frail shoulders (or better put it as fingers..lol),i'd better play my part and complete this thing that i've started with !! ;)

And as far as the readers of this space are concerned ,i'm not exactly putting in extra efforts to make your day or to earn brownie points from your side ,I'm doin this just coz therez somebody out there who wants to know my opinion (which by the way ,might waver and sound quite confusing especially since i'm in this inebriated post thomso depression phase !!!)
.So if you take my opinion (ohh dat dilly-dallying again) ,you better spend your time doing something productive ,coz as far as i know you may very well be appalled by my honesty ...but thats the way I am...I wont live my life as dictated by the norms ,and so my answers might sound a li'l cliched ...

Newaz,not to keep you hanging in here(and if u have come till here ,you must surely be interested !!)...here it goez

1. Pick out a scar you have, and explain how you got it.

I aint no harry potter ,so i dont have a sensational tale to tell of wizards and what not....
Umm...i have these 2 scars on my forehead(a la HARRY yes!!)... dont exactly remember what happened and it might sound really weird ,but as far as i remember i was cycling at the age of about 12 ,when i saw a parrot ,and i stopped in my tracks and started staring ...it suddenly started to fly and it went flyin over my head ,and in a bid to catch a close -up ,i twisted my neck a li'l more than 180 degrees ,and in the resulting torque ,I along with the cycle ,somehow lost balance ,the front wheel of the cycle was suddenly in the air ,and the next thing i know was that i was in the exact reverse position to where i had been earlier...the cycle was now on top of me (maybe it also wanted to catch the parrot!!) ,and my head was bleeding profusely....lol

2. What does your phone look like?

Well it looks really hot and sexy and ....
oh hell, what kinda question is this !!! Its a Nokia 3230 and ofcourse looks like any other 3230!!!
To elaborate more ,i'd say its the red version ,and its so old now that its lost all its sheen ...lol...

3. What is on the walls of your bedroom?

Umm....posters and more posters....I'll give you a list:
- One poster with a red background ,two teddies and with the message -"LOVE -I cant put it together without you"
-Three posters of Thomso (one for every year)
-A small poster of Kareena Kapoor...nahh she aint my fav actress ...but i found this really hot poster in a filmfare magazine and so ripped it and put it up
-Academic calendar for the current year....(its important to know the holidays right!!!)
Well, thats about it ,apart frm the wall paint ofcourse!!

4. What is your current desktop picture?

Uhh...bad timing...a Riya Sen wallpaper (i aint no pervert ok...just keep changin em randomly!!)

5. Do you believe in gay marriage?

Who am i to beleive !!! Leave alone gay marriages ,i strongly am against the institution of marriage altogether , so this question automatically becomes redundant for me...

6. What do you want more than anything right now?

Well...a very good internship ,a seat in a 'good' IIM, and uh ,someone to take care of me ,coz i'm really spoiling myself ,and losing my mind to nonsense (and my liver to alcohol)...Damn i hate being alone when there are so many people around...

7. Are your parents still together?

HAHAHA!!!! Ye to bhagwaan ko bhi nahi pata!!!!

8. Last person who made you cry?

Many... and it alwaz has to be the one who i care about the most!!!

9. What is your favorite perfume/cologne?

Have no real favourite ...but i generally like (and use) BRUT or AXE ,and yeah my best possesion was an ADIDAS spray

10. What are you listening to?

Nothing at the moment ...but if this means my favourite music ,i'll definitely say it has to be something that has a meaning ,and something that doesnt hurt ur eardrum...No heavy metal rock for me puhleez

11. Do you get scared of the dark?

Used to when i was a li'l boy...but not anymore ...usually m so tired by the time it gets dark that when i close the lights ,therez nothing on my mind except a sound sleep!!!

12. Do you like pain killers?

Argghhhh....whats wid liking a medicine!!! Will have to use it when therez a need ,otherwise i dont think anybody "LIKES" meds!!!

13. Are you too shy to ask someone out?

Not if its some1 i dont know (have a lotta experience asking out girls at the fest ) ,but otherwise ,yes ,veryyy scared ....I might as well say I'll never do it :P

14. If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?

A Brownie with ice cream (any!!!) or probably pasta/spaghetti in cheese sauce!!!mmmm.....

15. Who was the last person who made you mad?

A stupid IITian ( i mean a fellow batchmate)who interfered when we were trying to make a Bakra of a guy we caught during our fest... Spoiled everybody's mood...

16. Who was the last person who made you smile?

Yeah got it...it has to be DS,coz she got a really gr8 job !!!!

17. Is someone in love with you?

HAA!!!!! That so not possible.... whoz this frickin idiot who put this question here...


Brought to you in association with Red FM...lol....

Ok...so here we are ...was in delhi for the weekend ,for dussera to be specific ,and was completely hooked on to this new initiative by red FM to make delhi a NEW delhi,by bringing to the fore all that which hasnt been inconspicous but had been conveneiently taken for granted by the junta . I liked it because it brings an issue which ,if it stays the way it is ,will never let delhi acheive the world class city status it is vying for.

So i though why not present to you the very people who enrich delhi's society in a very different way ,and who've helped the people to stand up and take notice of even their daily routines .They are very normal people to come across ,and therez nothin wrong about their presence until they unleash their powerful weapons of mass destruction!!These personalities are famous PAGE 3 honkies in a world of their own,and so deserve specail applause!!
What i'm stating here is not essentially a repeat of what is already being broadcast ,but obviously my own version of it ,though you mite find some characters outta the original thing too. Ok,so here it goes :

  • Puri dilli pe hai inki chhap....inki vajeh se mehekti hai dilli ki har galli ,har sadak....par ye nahi koi sadakchhap....ye hain....SUSU UNCLE...

    "Thank you thank you.... bhai finding a clean non-urinated corner in delhi isnt a child's play ...i work so hard everyday ,and when i set out from home i have just this one objective in mind !! Its only because of me that so many people employed in the civic agencies get a good pay and can earn their daily bread!! Its because of me that there are still some corners in delhi which have negligible population density!! And its because of me that people dont have to care about putting on a DEO while moving out ,coz my fragrance is all around .It is only obvious that I am the first choice for the honours ...it encourages me to work harder (!!!) and take out more litres everyday...who knows the delhi jal board might need me one day " :P

  • Ye jahaan jaate hain logo ki nazren inke saamne jhuk jhaati hai ....ye woh hain jinki wajeh se hua salmaan khaan ka har hairstyle kaamyab...ye hain ....CHHEDKHAANI /EVETEASER UNCLE....

    "Thank you people... and i dont think i should be giving you any reasons as to why i am here ....Blimey! Isnt it because of me that no girl in delhi feels neglected...its only me who can scan them frm bottom to top ,and flatter them with my sweet whistle...Havent you wondered why the girls are always well-dressedd...ahh...make no mistake ,had i not encouraged them to do so ,they'd still be so bland!!! And what the heck,even the cops are by my side....yeah,they might catch a couple doting over each other at the neighbourhood park ...haha....but me,i'm always spared the honours ....With this award i promise to take voyerism in delhi to new heights...watch out for me people ,esp girls ,i'll alwaz be there for ya!!!!!!!Muahahah!!!"

  • Now this onez a pure nature lover ...ye jo kaam karti hain janhit mein karti hain ...stray dogs and cows ka special dhyaan rakhne waali....ye hain ..... KACHRA AUNTY...

    " imagine kya hota agar main na hoti toh....ur garbage would've been spilling over and u'd be sleeping on a pile of banana peels.... its only me who avoids all the ruckus at your house and dumps all the kachra behind ur society wall...so that you can sleep in peace...ab kya farak padta hai if it gives out a smell ,atleast u wont have to buy room fresheners and artificial sources... be natural ,thats my funda....and who else would care about all those hungry dogs and cows !!! Kabhi socha hai unke baare mein...woh bhi to insaan (!!!) hain ...and imagine who'd come and ask for and share your burden of sweets that you recieve on diwali ....atleast because of me ,all the health conscious people can relax about not being forced to take in everythin.... From this year onwards ,i promise to dicharge my duties dilligently ...hope u'd love the new smells and aromas ,coz i plan to do some useful experimentation with the kuda!!!!!!!

  • Inke haaton mein hai jaan....dilli ki jaan....dilli ki sadko ke baadshah....yeh hain....BLUELINE DRIVER UNCLE...

    i have the capabilty to bring delhi's life to a standstill,and more than that ,i'm best at taking some1's life....terrorists,gangsters ,criminals,encounter specialists are oh so passe ,i am the new kid on the block...be it a li'l child goin to school ,or a hardworkin man returning home after earning the day's bread ,or just a poor chap hobnobbing on the road for no reason at all,i dont spare anybody ...and what's more...i dont even take money !!haha...i kill for free...so come all ye wretched souls gimme ur hands,legs and everythin else,and i'll squash you under my bus !!"

  • Ye hain dilli ki sundarta ka raaz.... dilli ko bahut hi jaldi red city banane ke liye hain ye nikle ....ye hain...PUKE UNCLE ..."are bhai ab tambaaku khaynge to thunkenge bhi na...and after all this is our art... hum bhi M.F.Hussain se kam nahi...and we dont even waste colours and dont even need a canvas....the whole city is our canvas ,and we have just one aim in mind -to puke more creatively and innovatively ... aap nai samjhoge...but the people who appreciate arts definitely will....agreed that an ordinary man may find it annoying ,but when accolades from all over d world start pouring in,he'd come back to me to congratulate me... and hey,we have full support frm the Tobacco companies n roadside paanwaalas... "

At the LIBRARY...

STATUARY WARNING:This post has no resemblence to any person living /dead. Any such case,henceforth ,should be deemed as purely unintentional and coincidental. And oh,any1 who thinks he/she has been in the same spot at any point of time in their lives are invited to comment .Any living person who finds it objectionable beyond his/her temper is cursed to rot in hell!!!

Hey there looking at me
Temme what do u see
Behind the glasses that disguise
and that ridiculous smile and li'l eyes

But hell ,you quickly turn your head away
I try to fight with words
Dont have the courage to come up to you
My chances are looking a bit grey

Digging your head in that dusty book
Are you trying to evade my look??
But aint nobody tell you honey
life is just a tad more funny

Which year may I ask
or which course may I prod
What difference would it make
I'll make do with an approving nod

Ohh but how did i forget
Aint u that rarest of species at this place
with all that air on your face
and a nose thats always held up high??

Am i not supposed to stay away
from the queen of the world
err....rather the queen of your world
for thats what they say

But i come back to reality
and once again captivated by your beauty
Staring across the room
Are you leaving soon??
But hey ...I ...I just need a li'l time!!

Why did you have to leave so soon?
Why did you have to walk away?
Oh well it happened again
She walked away with her "boyfriend"
Maybe we'll meet again someday.

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