Memoirs of sem 5th!!

SO here I am,after a very long tym ,once again...and yeah as for the excuse ,I think there was nothin more or better that comes to my mind than just not having nethin worth writing. Life has been really fast since the past couple of months,and so maybe I didnt even get time to stop and think where its been going.

This semester isnt somethin that is characterised by events that can change the face of one's life ,but the thing that makes it stand out is probably the fact that there was so much to take care of ,starting with preparing for CAT(which by the way is somethin that still has to get off the mark) , fighting for a good CGPA(which has been as i can see as of now,a lost cause) , vying for a good internship(no success in that dept again) , or just those regular evening walks to grab an ice cream or god's blessings at the saraswati temple ,and going out to brush my tennis skills (which still remail rustic!!) ,the days' schedule had been more or less packed until the body needed to retire in bed after a gruelling routine. And with the advent of the internet in hostel rooms, a lot of time ,inconspicuously was given to gtalk ,orkut and what not!!

And so ,taking a li'l offbeaten track this time frm my earlier semester memoirs ,I thought I'd probably write down a few things that i've learned from it. We might well look at em someday and have a good laugh ,but now as the things stand ,we dont seem to understand where wer'e headed and if what wer'e doing is of consequence in the bigger picture . Not that i want to sound padagogic or preachy out here ,but maybe there's someone out there who'd have thought the same and would agree with me ,or maybe someone who'd look back and realise the relevance of what i'm saying.

It was really surprising to come across instances when people ,out of sheer madness (well,maybe!!),tore out notices for internships or scholarships so that nobody would read them and apply ,and so they beleived maybe they could clear out the competetion a bit .And ,even though their attempts failed and we got to know about the notices from sumwhere or the other ,there came to be an atmosphere of distrust and suspicion everywhere .It was as if people had been dying and there was one among us who was the killer ,and as if every1 looked at every1 else with the contempt that the killer deserved.All those smiling faces seemed fake ,but still people couldnt help flashin their yellow stalactites and stalagmites ,just to try n prove their innocence . Did I become one of them?? Well,frankly I dont really know ,but the fact that I didnt fear to show my hatred towrards a few did get me a few frowns in return. Sheesh,honesty has no place in today's world.And, its getting even worse,trust me(did I just say -TRUST ME!!!! ahhh....4get it then!!! :P)

One interesting that I'd like to put in between this post ,lest you-the reader gets bored is- Never judge a book by its cover and a greeting card by its hearts!!! LOL... Saying this coz we had this really funny incident....Me n my friend Mani, on one of our trips back home had taken the less charted Shatabdi with me,joining in at the very last moment -having bought someone else's ticket coz i couldnt wait another day to get back home... So ,here we were sitting next to this hot girl in the train, and Mani, having had broken up with his girlfriend just about a few days earlier ,was all excited about the "prospects" ...No amount of calming prevented him from fantasizing and so I let him sit next to her and conveniently took the aisle seat maself -better left alone with westlife's soul stirrers ...So for the next 1 hour or so ,we sat quietly ,chatting in between ,but with no interaction with the girl who sat next to us . What we saw during this time ,to Mani's (and to a certain extent my own) dismay was a card in her hand which she took out to scribble something ,but since all that was visible on it were 2 hearts ,which the experienced Mani pointed out were for sure meant for her boyfriend,we got a little flustered. I didnt buy his opinion and was optimistic about her seemingly singleton status .We argued a bit ,and without making any considerable headway and without any idea in sight as to how we could ascertain who was correct (even though we contemplated at one point asking her straightaway !!) ,got back to our boring businesses. It was only after the dinner was served and her cell's battery ,it seems had all got exhausted ,did she ask us that harmless question -"what's the time??" she said . The time was promptly told and having found a good excuse for conversation,Mani jumped into it with me joining into the fray 5 minutes thereafter !! And after that ,I can proudly say it was me who carried the conversation forward ,and I was cheered on by the fact that she smiled and laughed too often and was a pucca dillwaali(oops !!! Dilli-waali i meant!!! )..But not to forget ,apart from all this ,both of us were still eager to ask her about those 2 hearts ,and if there was one for each of us!!..but we didnt have to try much ... coz it turned out that she was goin home for her parents' marriage anniversary and it was only understood that it was meant for them !!!LOL...though Mani nowadays argues -"she had 2 cards dude!!! There was one for her bf!! "...I can only say go 2 hell becoz all i kno is I often to talk to her and that she's really sweet ,and thus ,I cannot care less about her being committed!!! But what the heck,therez someone who loves her parents so much to give em an anniversary card!!! Hats off!!!!

Another thing that came into prominence was how not having a girlfriend was taking a toll on every1's life ....being an IITian does confer you with that honour of singledom and also imposes upon you the much revered vow of chastity!!! Every1 knows that i guess,but never have I seen people going so berserk in girls' company . So there were people who had a harmless crush over girl in the campus ,but couldnt think of how to talk .No amount of advice from my side got their asses to talk or even say 'Hi' . Then there were people ,who ,during the fest ,having found some female company had got a headrush and forgotten their lifelong friends!! There was also a moron who drank 6 pegs in front of his brother just to bemoan how the girl of her dreams had turned down his 4th proposal ,and then vomitted an equal no. of times (if ur'e reading this mr. chatter ,please understand that i'm not jeering at ur action,twas perfectly normal ,except for the fact that you dont need to give so much importance to some1 who deosnt care!!)... I've never understood why in this bloody campus ,people cant keep to themselves and have to give that sartorical faux pas-"Kaun thi huh??? which year?? Friend ya...". Are people really so obsessed with relationships ,that they miss out on the finer details!!!

I've learned-that we should always give a chance to our luck .And I say that coz uptil about 2 hours before i was selected as the Google ambassador ,i wasnt even decided on whether i'd participate. I kinda had other things planned for the evening ,and kept on playin with the form for about 15 mins just for the sake of giving my company(and oh,my pen too!!) to my friends who were so busy filling it up. But then ,dont know how and dont know why,when i got my pen back ,I had this urge to write down all that they'd asked us,coz somehow the questions seemed interesting ,and so I did just that -filled it up in a handwriting which was as illegible as i could've managed!!! But oi, somehow I got shortlisted for the GD ,even as i had made my way out for some other errand ,and from there onwards there was no looking back. It was only when i was conferred with the honourable post that I realised how important I had suddenly become and even better,how imp it had proved in boosting my sense of self-worth ,which I had kinda lost completely!!

I've learned-There are times when things might not go well between you n your friends ,but I guess when you hold your nerve ,be patient ,and keep the doors open ,they might realise how precious you are to them and might wanna come back. Well,there are people who'd beleive that even a small fight or not talkin to someone for a couple of days would mean that they'd got to a point from where therez no coming back again ,and that they've "crossed the line". All i know is ,the very people that accused me ,or hurled curses at me at one point of time ,have got back to the way it used to be,becoz theyve tried to depend on other people and everytime ,theyve fallen face down .If you hold your ground,they'd learn their lessons and beleive in you once again. So therez nothing like a broken friendship ,only broken visions and broken souls ,but who said they cant be mended?? There are no second chances in friendship ,coz it aint a game of chance at all !! If u trust some1 to be ur friend at some point,please dont let them ask you for a second chance ...Just be there when they need you...And why exactly am i including this here??Well,its coz i've seen a lot of fights and all of them have found their meaning just now,when all of them wished me "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" me,therez no greater joy than having somebody who fought with you at some point ,wish you cheerfully !!!

Talkin of birthday ,I wanna thank all the people who took the pain of wishing me and kept my phone ringing on the auspicious day. I've never had so many people call me on my b' ya all!!!!!!!


creation s said...
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creation s said...

"So therez nothing like a broken friendship ,only broken visions and broken souls ,but who said they cant be mended?? There are no second chances in friendship ,coz it aint a game of chance at all !! If u trust some1 to be ur friend at some point,please dont let them ask you for a second chance ...Just be there when they need you..."

thnx a lot!!!
uve put my thoughts into words...
for the past one month ive beencontemplating how to go bout this thing and was even planning a post ..
but wat u wrote is so tru!!
it felt straight from the heart...

p.s.: deleted the previous cmnt due to typo errors.

Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

hehe....seems lyk i saved u d trouble and d pleasure of writing a loong post!!!
Seriously speaking ,the lines u quoted were something that stood out in this post and i did include them to make a point or two,but the truth is no matter what i write or do,it still wont change people ,or make em think back...
the thing is as long as there are people who go about offering their friendships on a platter ,and as long as there are people like me ready to give everything for them, second chances would forever flourish,to be asked for fervently and to be shoved aside feverishly!

creation s said...

but my dear frnd...
its these very second chances that might be the foundations of a great lifelong friendship..

but how to make ppl undrstand!!

if they are hell-bent on denying the fact then there's no stopping them!

as the saying goes.. "samajhdar ko ishara hi kaafi hai"
if they had any sense they'd undrstand.. n m tlkin bout ppl in general here..

Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

yeah ...i kno...n i understand very well...
one advice:4get abt these things...u have so much to do this year!!!

creation s said...

dats true!!

n we've got the best datesheet so far..
xams over on 20th of march itself!!!

Nishi v2.2 said...

sorry for a late comment .. i had visited earlier but a one meter long post didn't seem inviting :)

as for the thing about friendship.. i kind of disagree with one of the points you made about the friends needing you..
i feel friendship happens when two ppl share something in common or for a host of other reasons but the reason you-are-my-friend-because-i-need-you (and someone else didn't help)doesn't suffice... atleast not for me..

"maybe there's someone out there who'd have thought the same and would agree with me ,or maybe someone who'd look back and realise the relevance of what i'm saying.".. ahem.. here i am lolz

Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

hehe...thx fr d empathy!!! ;)
n hey u didnt get the point...actually i never said a friend becomes one coz we need him/her at that point of time...
all i wanted to say is if you do call somebody a "friend"...just take care to be there whenever ,in whatever circumstance they need u,and dont just be a fair-weather frnd...
n dunno how relevant this is to u,but i've had so many people who just kicked n slapped at all the times when they could rather have stood by my side...yes ,sometimes it is one's own fault that brings upon situations uncalled for,but what the doesnt mean one's frnds shud shun him/her completely!!!

Nishi v2.2 said...

"they might realise how precious you are to them and might wanna come back." .. this didn't sound right :)

though i do get what you are trying to say..

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