Divine Interventions ;)

Since this is the only thing ive written in the past 1 month...i thought why not put it up here as well ;)

Hey honey,

There's me....
walkin along a highway of broken dreams
There's you...
flyin strong and high over mighty seas
There's us...
A fresh bud of rose trembling in the winter wind
just like an artist's aquatint...

There's me...
yearning to be in the arms of the one
There's you
smiling at the moon and the sun
There's us
together sailing amidst the stars
we've lost trail of where's venus and where's mars...

Not everything is supposed to be left to chance
Some words just need to be said
I'll wait forever for even just a glance
Without you,I'll long be dead...

There's me...
the lone joker in the pack
There's you...
the puzzle of my heart that I just can't crack!
There's us..
we found each other when no one else was looking
there were never birds that were ever mocking ;)

There's me....
I'd walk across the desert with no shoes upon my feet
to share with you the last bite of bread I hate to eat
There's you...
who made my heart leap,my eyes gleam
to show me what love would mean
There's us...
We'd whisper love so loudly every hear could understand
That love, and only love, can join the tribes of men

Not everything is supposed to come true
Some words jus dont rhyme
If they arent written abt you
Loving you is my only crime...


N hope u will alwaz remember:
"theres thwo things i kno for sure-
she was sent frm heaven above
n shez the only girl i love...
I drop on my knees at her bed every night
She talks to God and i close my eyes
N i thank Him for all the joy in my life...
Butterfly kisses after bedtime prayers,
Sticking li'l white flowers all up in her hair...
N after all the wrong,I mustve done somethin right
To deserve her hug every morning..
and butterfly kisses every night " :)

I love you....forever....


Nishi said...

Super mushy I say :) ... really nice, very romantic, I love the simplicity..
Keep these coming.. (though at more frequent intervals :) )

Good One!

Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

n as for the frequency , i really am missing out on such an imp part of my life...blogging!!! But my hands are tied...so to say...coz therez so much work!!!
Newaz...thx fr d read...keep coming :)

creation s said...

beautiful yaar..

if i wudve been a guy.. n if id have wanted to propose a girl..
i wudve pakka marofy dis one for the purpose..

u kno.... i guess u MUST be having a gf to write sch mushy stuff..
no need to tell me or clarify my doubts..
its just sumthin i felt.. n thot id mention.. u kno.. kinda ainwe..

keep blogging .. cheers!!

P.S. dont click on the link to my blog.. it wont be updated for a while.. though a have a plethora of 'kreations' (lol) but wat i dont hav is the time to sit n type em all..

Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

col(chuckling out loud) ;)
thx fr d appreciation...hope all d girls readin this post dont fall for me...problem ho jaayegi..lol!! ;)
n vaise...i've been writing such kinda things ever since i began blogging... bt the fact that u made the inference that i mustve written it for some1 makes me wonder how what we feel shows up in our actions,speech and what we write so explicitly, as if the words've just started to conjure up some magic themselves...makes one feel good about it... :)

PS:Hope to have a peek-a-boo at ur 'kreations' soon!! :D

"me" said...

It's not that everybody can see it and i cant.. not even that i want to see more than there is..
Its so damn obvious and it shows..in everythin u do n in everythin i do..and i'm just so happy its there..evn if it didnt show..
Thx 4 evrythin u're 2 me..
I love u..

aupsy said...

nobody can see what u can...
so u neednt think abt what u can't...:D

Nishi said...

i have no business to say this..and yet... wow! :)
Good Luck!

"how what we feel shows up in our actions,speech and what we write so explicitly, as if the words've just started to conjure up some magic themselves...makes one feel good about it...".. Could not agree more.!!!!!

aupsy said...

thanku thanku (wid red cheeks) ...hehe

Deepika said...

:) :) :) :)
supersweet, it is... !! ;)
as is evident from your moods these days... "apt"!! ;) :)

creation s said...




(I WAS RIGHT!!! ( yea, yea.. i kno i always am.. (in sch matters toh definitely!))(chk the parenthesis.. badi confuzn hai!)

somebody is blushing out there.. ooohhhh..

Congrats yaar!!!
hope u get all dat u wish for n more!

dont hope for a "peek-a-boo- at my 'kreations' "....
m going thru the same phase as u.. n though m writing a lot.. none of it is wrth displaying here...

actually m attached to evry line, evry wrd, evry single letter of those creations so much that having strangers comment on my fav wrks is sumthin i wont be able to digest....

keep blogging..

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