Hey m back,and after a long hiatus frm blogging( well, the reasons are very diverse this tym and surprisingly have to do evrythin wid academics!!).. and me too ,like many others ,have got completely besotted with the new Cricket format -The twenty 20...and why not ,its the World Cup after all,and India has just beaten Pakistan in an edge-of-the-seat game played a couple of days ago!!!

I'm not really writing this to elaborate on what exactly the new format is about ,rather to share with you some interesting observations that i made as we watched the match ,and secondly,ofcourse, since i couldnt think of nething else to write (and ,hey dont cast aspersions on the monotony of my life, coz i'm enjoying every bit of it these days ,and its left me so exaggerated that therez no time to luk bak and wistfully wonder about the meandering course of my life )!!

So here we are in the TV room at my hostel ,and its jam-packed with almost every1 giving their attendane for the Indo-PAk match (as usual)... lemme make u abreast with the state of things as the match progressed :

1.The Pakistani players were given the best treatment by our proud IITians...after all theyre our neighbours and deserve due respect ..and oh,i forgot to tell you what due respect means in this context ... urrr....actually ,do i need to mention....stating the fact that its the TV room of an iit should suffice i suppose :P

2.The slogans of chak De India reverberated in the TV room,what with the success of the movie and its approbation by every one whoz watched it here!! It kinda instilled in me that once-in-a-blue-moon patriotic kinda feeling ...though its still sad that the shouts got somewhere lost among the love bestowed by the ppl on the Pakistani!!

3. Whenever a four or a six was hot by the Indian team or whenever a pakistani wicket fell,there was a huge uproar ,whistles ,shouting ,cheering,and drooling!!!!!
Now u may ask ,whats so unique about this whole cheering and jeering stuff ..doesnt it happens whenevr India plays ...i mean obviuosly one is spposed to cheer when a certain Tendular or Dravid hits a six....but hey, then i'd say u missed out on that world which was innocuosly hidden among the many verbs that i used -"drooling"...
I suppose the gentleman/gentlelady or even any1 whoz a cross between the two is readin this post ,he/she or watevr is already of aware of the "cheerleaders" that adorn the ground during every match!!! And hey,the cameramen alwaz show a cute close up whenever sumthin "worth-cheering" happens...and lo!100 IITians and a bunch of sexy girls doin their jig in front of i need to say nethin else as to why the decibel levels sore!!! (hope ure not wondering still!!)....and oh,forgot to mention...the girlz are pretty hot!!! ;)

4.A twenty over match ensured that every dot ball was precious ,and so,quite obviously ,the People couldnt feel less exasperated after the match after having cheered for that zillionth dot ball!!!

5.Well,in a normal ODI, in a scenario where one team chasing a measly target and still reeling under pressure comes back into the game with a certain determined player goin all out to hit the ball to almost every corner of the stadium ,and lands up requring 1 run of 2 balls ...its quite normal to expect the disheartned supporters to lose nerve and abandon their positions ,and thatz exactly hat happened...but hey ,this was no normal ODI ,and not only did India manage to tie the match ,and bring the audience bak to their TV screens, but also made the most outta the newly introduced Bowl-out!!! Though it was so hard to beleive that the burly Pakistanis couldnt evn hit the stumps once!! What a shame....muahaha!!

Now at the end of it,u might be wondering what exactly was i my dispositon in this hullabuloo...i'd say that i had the bad luck of being with arjun chaudhay at that time(weight>100 kg)...and as the match became more exciting ,his weight seemed to be increasing every minute,and i could harldy watch the proceedings overpowered under the tremendous pressure of his hefty body jumping all over and me squeezed against it!!! Gosh!! :D


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