When September Ends...

Wrote this one fighting with myself...so it shouldnt be surprising why i'm so confused...

Its been a long tym
since i've given a moment for myself
This is my life
and these are my dreams
and i'm living 'em up
But there's still this thought
which rings at the back of my mind

This is my life
It is not what it was before
These are my dreams
that i've never lived before
somebody break me,shake me
coz i must be sleeping

The pace at which my life's running
is tearing me apart
pulling at every end and every corner
fate is playing its part
I think I dont need nobody
to talk to ,to talk with,to laugh with
coz thats the way it is
Without anybody to care about,
everythin becomes so easy
Its me,my life and my dreams

They say u've changed
I can only ask-"Didnt u change me?"
They say ur'e rude
I can only ask-"Did it pay to be otherwise?"
They used to ask who are you
and I used to say-"whoever you want me to be"
They still ask Who are you
and I say-"it doesnt really matter"
coz i'm not ashamed to be the person i am today

Its bin a strange life i know
All those mistakes it contained
I always wished i could let go
But now as i sleep over them
They finally start to go away
And i know still, that i can face the day

These are my words
that i've never said before
I think I'm doing ok
And this is the smile
that i've never shown before
somebody,brake me,shake me
coz i must be sleeping

Yesterday, a boy afraid
locked deep inside,my place to hide
lost in himself,cryin for help it's safe to stay
i learned to live without a pride
and now all it is-
just a shell with me stuck on the inside
a prison,not a place to hide
So i want to wake up
want to wake up when september ends

i'm so afraid of waking
please don't shake me
afraid of breaking
please don't shake me
But i'd rather not chose to be this way
Summer has come and passed
now i wanna see it through your eyes
i wanna see the wind change

These are my words
that i've never said before
I think I'm doing ok
And this is the smile
that i've never shown before
somebody wake me up
wake me up when september ends


Gemini said...


aupsy said...

OMG...not again...
wat is it this tym...as in wats the bone of contention???!!!

Gemini said...

now dat u hav changed...
let it be...

let ppl see.. wat hides in the shell..

watever the change is m sure it's all in the good...

aupsy said...

wat hides in the shell will 4ever remain hidden,its rather gone deeper...hope there'll be somebody who'd see thru...when september ends...

n watever the change is..u kno it...its for the worse...but its atleast helping me stay afloat...n so i dont regret it!!

Gemini said...

ne change watever it is.. is alwaz for the gud.. never for the worse..

aupsy said...

yup....for the world it is...but this aint real to me...

Gemini said...

nothing's really real..2 anybody...

annie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
annie said...

Really a nice piece of verse
waitin.. for the next one soon
wat hides in the shell is clear to us (frds of iitr) i suppose

let the things be enigmatic


Anonymous said...

wat was the priviledged comment...

dat got deleted...

aupsy said...

thx dude for ur hon'ble approbation... will definitely write more ...though dunno when...its so difficult to take out tym...till then u keep givin me reasons to comment...lol

@anonymous a.k.a gemini
i really dont kno anythin abt the comment...ne guesses frm ur side??

Gemini said...

hav no clue..abhi dekha.. it's been deleted by the author...

I thought u got to do the honours..
newaz,... new fans.. ab toh mast posts ayenge..
sahi hai...
but keep ur feet on ground.. writer sahab...

Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

@all and sundry
ehh...this post has bin a record breaker of sorts...12 already and am makin the 13th one as well!!!
I wonder why only the posts which are named after months of the year have the max no. of comments!! I think i should start writing one post every month named after it!!!

My feet have alwaz bin on the ground..coz i aint no superman...and these arent new fans,and never will be...just gud frnds who have bin silent readers all along..hope i am right annie!!

Gemini said...

ok sir. as u say..
newaz... u must b one happy guy.. with comments on ur post.. something u alwaz wish u had...

annie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
annie said...

tats rite aupsy dear
was a little bit fainéant to post comments
will try out to be habitué from now onwards

annie said...

Kudos to ur count of comments on this post aupsy

Ayushman said...

hehe...now wat else do i want!! thx a ton to every1!!

Anonymous said...

You ripped the opening from "It's Been A While" by Staind, and second - third stanzas (lines 5 - 15) from "So Far Away" by Staind as well. Almost ver batum with the words you jacked from So Far Away. Try being original, dillweed.

If you're a Staind fan, pay homage by posting your love for them, not pawning off their work as your own. Aaron Lewis put hard work and effort into those words. His emotion lies in those lines, and you have shown a complete disregard for his art by attempting to steal it.

For anyone unfamiliar with the words in "So Far Away," here they are, as listed on LyricsOnDemand.com:

"this is my life
its not what it was before
all these feelings i've shared
and these are my dreams
that i'd never lived before
somebody shake me
'cause i
i must be sleeping

...these are my words
that i've never said before
i think i'm doing okay
and this is the smile
that i've never shown before..."

In the future, show regard for another musican's work. If you are unable to express yourself through your own written word, try guitar, or drums, or clarinet, or acordian... anything you won't have to be a thief to be good at.

Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

dear whoever u are...one comes across so many songs in a lifetime ,and some manage to get stuck with one's memory forever ,coz maybe there's sumthing that one identifies with the lyrics or the music itself... now this song that u mentioned.... i've sure heard it and i surely remember the chorus.... i like the way of expressing "dreams not lived before and smile not shown before "and thats all i remembered when i wanted to express the same thing...as far as ripping is concerned, i didnt play the song while writing this ,nor did i copy paste...i dont even have this song on my hard disk....there are so many things that come to ur mind when u try and articulate what u feel...my works are not collation of popular songs,but its the variety of music that i hear which gets reflected once in a while,and i do quote wherever i pick up sumthing...these lines are essential to the theme of this post ,and there could be nothin better to fit in...

and hey,i'm not selling my work to anybody ,this is purely my own prerogative ,and what i write or think is confined to this space...hence i'm not showing any disregard to anybody living/dead...

thx btw for takin out time to read

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