Ahh....Sheer bliss!!!

Hey people,m bak after a long sabbatical,and not here to write somethin to make u think or wonder ,rather show u somethin that would catch u in a timewarp and u mite as well end up wistfully wondering about how somethings in this world are just so beautiful ,and why exactly they keep on elluding us.

Since the inception of the autumn sem 07 ,every student at IITR ,has been caught by an innocuous bug of MP3 ,and by that i mean the "flop" movie-mera pehla pehla pyaar ,and i,am no exception to the case in point. And,therefore ,i thought why not put up this beautiful climax from the movie and get my reader's senses tingling like never b4 .

Everythin about this movie ,and this scene in particular is just so perfect ...the song,the locales,the kids...simply wonderful ...every1 who's seen it has this one thing to say -for the 3 hours that i sat watchin this movie ,it transported me into a completely surreal world,and yet a world which we all have experienced at some point in our lives ...its our own story,its every1's story...

I'm not publicising or writing any movie review ,i'm just using it to convey those strong emotions which everybody felt while watchin this movie...So go ahead enjoy the kiss alongside eiffel...and mind u ,the music rox!!!

PS:It'll take about 5 mins to load on a high speed connection...bt its worth the wait
PS2: Dont forget to turn on ur speakers!!!


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