This is something i wrote out of utter boredom ,sitting in a boring lecture ,not that lectures are usually very exciting,but this one was particularly drab.I just wrote what came to mind at the spur of the moment so plz bear with me for all the crap and the lack of rhyme in what i call a poem...

One soulful night
Lost in the woods
I walk down amidst the chirping crickets ,
under the gory gaze
of owls and predators of the night
And with every careful step,
every beat of the heart
I pray to the heavens to give me
all the strength that could ever be
To walk on the path laiden with thorns
until the beautiful morning dawns

Lost in more than an uncanny thought
with wild imaginations my mind is fraught
I stop to see a strange phenomenon
Under the clear sky
with the moonlight filtered
from the dense outgrowth of the mahogony
I see a starnge figure
as if emerging from nowhere
Alas!It was a maiden i saw
And for the world felt real and the fesh was raw
I knew what I had seen
Wasn't just a dream

Her beautiful body
shining more brightly
than even the Kohinoor ever did
With a sunny smile and starry eyes
she made me wonder
whether it was my way
or my heart that had gone astray
I reach out to her
as my heart melts like unfrozen butter
And as our eyes meet
my heart skips more than a beat

But as i drown myself
into her flowery bosom
And hope this moment never cease
It all begins to fade away
I feel the sky falling down over me
And the wet grass beneath my feet
thransform into nothingness
I can't help but see
As the soul so near to me
just a few ticks of the clock ago
now disappears into a thin shadow
and slide quietly into a nothingness

I struggle to hold on
As I lie in my ignominy
Motionless and shocked
Only to realize
That all we see or seem
Is nothing but a dream
within a dream


archie said...

well dis one tuk me right to mah dreamworld...dis one's so very general,but everynone wud imagine dis in their own different way,lovely's d word..!!!

Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

Yeah...wrote dis in material sciences class...kinda crappy bt i think its gud for a first..

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