In recent times,I've seen myself in the midst of most ,if not all, controversies surrounding my well-wishing,or so it seems, group of friends...and with due humility ,i would say i'm the one accused for their sufferings or taken as an alibi for their whims and fancies, which often ,they find degrading to their prestige(as if i never had one of my own !!).Therefore, I've found myself quite a lot of times in my loneliness, musing over the thought:

How Can I change The World
Coz I sure Can't Change Ur Mind
There's a Miracle I need now
Gotta Get to You somehow

And coming to think of it ,my soul gets filled with a plethora of emotions .For someone,who's grown up welling tears for his parents,seeing them fighting ,biting and throwing things at each other ,and who's seen that emotion,that strange sodden feeling of hatred in their animated eyes,it's really tough to see the same anger in the people u love the most !!its rather scary sometimes...Makin new friends is not a child's play,but i guess u just need 1 bad shot to lose em !!Maybe i let my tongue do the wagging at all the wrong times,but with no intentions of letting it go for the worse...Still i'm at a loss to understand why people fight,coz i guess one only realizes this fact when one is faced with it.

A stranger reading this space may not find the exact reason for my musings or may even find it crappy,but i guess one's who know abt it already will make some sense of it..not that i expect the people that i have lost in my lives to come back and tell me -"letz forget what happened and turn a new leaf"!!
But i guess my objective is to bring to the fore the fact that fighting or just shying away frm people who luv yz doesn't do any good ,and doing so without knowing the actual reason for it,foolishness...Relationships aren't forged with pig iron,rather there's this underlying bond which just can't be broken however far the people in question are frm each other.I know it sounds just too philosophical ,but i guess i had to write about the thing which scares me the most since my very childhood,and maybe i will succeed someday in making atleast someone realize how hard it is too part ways with someone close to u it ur famile,friend,ur love or whatever!!


Anonymous said...

well well it does sounds depressing.. though quite interesting..
m I seeing a part of u sir.. which has always hidden itself from ppl...

archie said...

i think i'd wanna kno bout dis one in particular,dontcha worry baby,we'll tok bout dis;)

Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

yeah dude shubhi ...wer'e sure gonna talk bout wid due respects to mr . gogo(if u don't know his dirty secrets!!)..

@archie@ said... mr.gogo's involved as well...whoaaa..!!!!!nw m desperate to kno:D

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