As i stand on the brink of the completion of my second year at IITR,i've grown to hate this place in more ways than one...Initially twas just the place,n now the people too....coz all i know is whenever i've tried to look for a friend here,more often than not ,i've hit the dirt...Nd so i guess the tym is right to take a firm resolve -never to trust any walkin creature at this weird place..."friendship" isnt sumthin that is the norm here...i'm completely fed up of people...just wanna take my degree as soon as possible and move outta here....
This is the last poem i'll wite this sem n this one goes with a heavy heart...........

The summer wind,
came blowin' in
from across the sea
It lingered there,
so warm and fair
to walk with me
All summer long,
we sang a song
and strolled on golden sand
Two sweet hearts, and the summer wind

Like painted kites,
those days and nights
went flyin' by
The world was new,
beneath a blue
umbrella sky
Beside those killing fights
we climbed the mountains and scaled new heights
-and painted new colours
The breeze so soothin always blew
Every moment worth through and through
-one summer worth more than a thousand others

The young flowers
and the mellow colours
-the sweet intoxication they bred
The clouds,stars and the rainbows
seemed like placebos
-a face that always blushed red
I had you besides for hours long
Those deep set eyes
had a captivation so frickin strong

There were promises made
and promises broken
things said
and things forgotten
Then softer than, a piper man
- one day it called to you
And I lost you, to the summer wind..

The sunset and the sunrise
The moon and the high skies
bring back your mem'ry
the fallen leaves were all that remained
in this pain that fate ordained
And here this road i walk,sleeps again...

When you come back I won't be here
They said and gently pulled me near
If you want to talk you can call
And no it's not your fault
I called n crawled
Tried to climb the walls
But a million tears was all i got
My solemn cry it couldnt carry
To you my friend,this summer wind...

The autumn wind,
and the winter wind
- have come and gone
And still the days,
those lonely days
- go on and on
And guess who sighs his lullabies
- through nights that never end
My fickle friend, the summer wind...

Chupke se kahin
dheeme paon se
Jaane kis taraf kis ghadi
aage bhad gaye
humse raahon mein
par to tum to abhi the yahin
Socha na suna
Kabka tha gila
Kaise keh diya -alvida.....

The Revelation~~My Angel

Hey ...i guess this post will seem interesting to a lotta people if they happen to drop by(which obviously aint gonna happen)....its sumthin that everybody has been so eager to know about ,and those who know, couldnt help musing about!!Since time immemorial(though only till we were fortunate enuf to be school kids!) -people have asked me-who's this angel u keep mentioning about now and then??Is it some1 from the class(yeah,they sure hoped it'd be a gr8 story to gossip about if a secret crush was revealed)..but unfortunately ,that wasnt the case!! Today lemme tell u about this angel..

A pleasant day ,a warm morning
Through the field and cobblestones i plodded
my way across Great Britain
at Liverpool my destination ended

Travelled through the portals of time
Counties and cities
with their proud histories
once spoke of their courage and valour
Now stood under the sky with vivid hues and colour

Mystified ,amazed and dazed
I had had the time of my life
Hoped the journey would never end
It seemed like heaven for a while

Never did i know my heaven stood ere waitin
Reluctantly shoved my bag into the car
that smile i kept on faking

Only to find myself at the gate
a huge mansion ,an amazing villa
i could hardly fathom the games of fate
Knocked on the door ,and it opened voila!!!

A bright light all around shone
Had i seen a queen sittin on her throne
The world melted
twere two letters i heard
"hi"-a sweet symphony twas
bt twas me who was the nerd
Kept staring in awe
Words i coudnt guffaw

AN angel i had seen
Or my tired eyes were being too mean
Annika was her name
made of stuff that could earn instant fame
Her sweet smell caught be in an instant
and for once i forgot my name!!

Those long brown hairs
and the dark set eyes
caught me up
like a blessing in disguise
The way she looked and the way she smiled
it seemed she had never cried

She sneezed and sneezed so high
She broke her back as the evening was nigh
In pain there she lay
but not a frickle on her face to say
The smile still beamed
and those eyes still dreamed

With the summer breeze
we talked at length
of grass ,flowers and mighty trees
She taught me to live
She taught me too smile
even when twas tough to walk a mile
She opened me up from shy
and gave that feeling i couldnt deny

Having lost the last drop of zeal
she told me about life
adn for once my wounds,she could heal
the pain i had seen would one day go
She promised me happiness to feel

Time flew and twas too short
I had to bid this heaven goodbye
In hell once again i would rot
She hugged me once
and she hugged me tight
twas more than enough i knew
with this memory i would face the night

For years i lived with that sweet mem'ry
in times when i reaped solitary
lost her contact too soon to beleive
her eyes i saw in my reverie
An angel she was
An angel of God
To tell me this life aint worthwile
To wish glory my soul could ride...

The waves of the ocean carry her voice
The raindrops remind me of her memory
in times when i'm left alone without a choice
And if u jus though that was my first love
i'd rather come and give u a big shove
coz an angel she was
An angel of God
To tell me this life aint worthwile
To wish glory my soul could ride...

So i guess all ur doubts hav bin put to rest and ur'e basically feelin sorry that this subject isnt worth a good round of gossip!!!
(bt who am i talkin to...HELLLLLLLLLLLO-----is nebody home?????????????)


Have u ever tried to compare ur lyf to that of a grilled sandwich???From the time it is a plain bread to the tym it comes out of the oven hot n tasty filled with a lotta stuff inside it!!
The analogy,I think is very apt and so,I thougt why not just put it to words…

I guess this is the stage which is the most simplest to describe ,and we all ,every now and then pretty much wish we could get back to where it all started….

A fresh, plain ,white bread, just taken out from that new packet …has its own charm…bt it never remains in that state till very long…It’s nothing without that touch of chocolate/peanut butter/cheese spread on it or without being toasted or grilled…And think about the bread too…how dearly it wants to look good,taste better and be decorated with almost anything possible!!And left to itself,it soon starts to rot away…

I guess the human psyche goes along the same lines…Wer’e but like the grilled sandwich as a child…innocent and cute,untouched by the cruel world outside,unaffected by the other such nice frsh pieces around em…lookin continuously at the elder ones’ and tryin to imbibe their qualities-trying to be lyk em every moment,and doing things the way they do…ready to fall into that trap ,which the world has woven for itself since long….


I can see water dripping from ur mouth already!!!But wait,hold on…its just that initial dressing up stage which gives the piece of bread a taste,a vigour, a nice soft feel…so that the one who’s gonna eat it mite well be tempted to do so!!!And that’s not all,woudnt u wanna poke ur finger into that dripping cheese once and put it to gud taste!!!

Its like that stage of our lives when we grow up for a li’l child to be a li’l boy-one who’s learned most of the good things his parents n elders could have tought him..when u talk sweetly ,and are the apple of every1’s eyes…Every1 wants to do that kid-talk with you,and wants to play around with you…wanna have a share of ur naughty escapades all the tym….wanna hug and kiss you …and be around you forever...


Yeah,obviously a grilled sandwich is incomplete without vegetables(unless of course,it is a cheese grilled sandwich!!).Now this is where the garbage part comes in…though most of the people would relish the presence of these vegetables-some would prefer to deliberately let them fall down n get rid of them…

Now this is that stage of our lives where we’ve eaten that forbidden fruit of knowledge(which I’d say,mostly breads contempt),and gathered in our li’l minds all the stuff that lies before our eyes,in different forms,somethings which are digestible and some which aren’t…but nonetheless ,cluttered in our minds ,in the same way as our cluttered rooms at home…We hardly know what each thing implies and more often than once,we feel lyk we could have done without knowing a few things.This is the time when people other than those from our own circle start to influence us and cast their shadow upon us-and their presence seems to become indispensable for our very existence,and we become highly dependent on them…even if u take the tomato away,doesn’ tit still leaves behind a li’l orange coured water with a few seeds??

That’s the way it goes for us too…Although ,that’s also how we bring variety in our lives and have an option of choosing a path of our own choice-be just a cheese sandwich,or a tomato sandwich,etc,,etc…
And then somehow,the taste of that delicious cheese spread which so subtly lies underneath ,fades away….


Hmmm….one obviously cannot imagine a sandwich without it being a pair!!Yeah,this is the stage when the second fresh piece is kept over all the work done uptil this point…

As we grow into teenagers and then responsible adults ,we need people around to help put everything that they’ve learned all these years together …to support em in all walks of lyf,and keep their secrets hidden between the layers…Its here that we start to crave for that love and affection that we’ve lost somewhere down the years …to accommodate things that had seemed more important….and mostly try to find that one true match-a friend ,a soulmate,just anybody who could share everything-somebody who can keep up our lives in 1 piece!!

This is where we begin to let us fall ,to get entangled into that wordly web of lies ,deceits ,hopes n dreams-a world where nobody can survive without that mask on the face…
This is where it gets hard to tell one piece from the other…
This is where it becomes imposible to tell where it all started….


Whoa…can u resist that sweet smell of the sandwich grilling inside the oven,teasin u with every breath u take,calling u to have a byte…

But there’s something more happening than just grilling….
Notice the gradual colour changes taking place in the bread…it becomes a shade of yellow at first ,at scatterd places,and then goes on to take a golden hue..until it becomes black at some places and golden –brown at the others….

Yeah, u guessed it right..this is the stage where one actually begins to fight the battles of life…tensions,depressions,illness,responsibilities …U become a responsible adult now and even start makin ur own grilled sandwiches,ur charm does increase and u have finally settled down….but what about this oven of lyf…it leaves you with marks deeper than any thing can ever erase…giving u memories to live with and people to die for…and everythin just leaves such a lasting impression on your persona…

And what about that time when you look in the mirror-and find the wrinkles slowly takin the place of that flawless skin and the vigour of youth fading away surreptitiously…


This is the moment we’ve all waited for –the grilled sandwich finally comes out from the open ,hot and steaming –with a smell so irresistible that u wanna take it in with one big byte!!

That’s precisely when we’ve been there ,done that…
We’ve grown old and gained that precious experience lyf could have given us…. Celebrated all the victories and cried our hearts out for the smallest of failures…We’re bruised but not broken,and everything that we initially got with us is still very much there,and after all these years of toil,it tastes so much better now…There’s nothing that we change now,and there’s nobody who wants to change us …

Left to the mercy of the one who’s gonna eat us-God ,in our case ,we let ourselves flow to feel the high of that sweet poison-only to meet the end…and fade away into the hallows of time….

Now I lay me down to sleep..
I pray the lord my soul to keep…
If I should die before I wake..
I pray the Lord my soul to take…

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