It rained again today ,after quite some time....the sunshine's gone once again...but its a lot different this time...Was just a normal day,woke up to an overcast sky...expected some rain to follow up last evening's drizzle...but that possibility seemed far-fletched...Had the normal boring lectures....and finally the english lecture...where as always the most dreaded time comes-the attendance...yeah,thats wat we attend the lecture for...bt for me itz more than just the proff callin up my name and me sayin-present sir!!Its usually accompanied by an enthralling(or so they feel) cry of my not-so-mentionable nickname!!And as usual today too,and i had to call out abt 4 times fr the proff to hear my voice which was somehow lost every time in the cacophony...
After the normal embarrasing routine,the proff proceeded to the rest of the roll list,and i suddenly remembered ,one of my classmates had a b'day!!So i decided to wish him,but followin the style that the others have adopted ...as soon as his name was called,i started singin a bright-"happy b'day to u" ,and surprisingly the rest of the class followed,nd the proff clapped too!!
Twas raining heavily by now,and it had become dark and gloomy...bt i waz atleast happy dat i managed to do somethin atleast fr the b'day boy!!And as usual ,am not expectin nethin in return,not even a chappo!!

Yes ,this rain is different today ...and as much as i luv the rain,i wish i had somebody to walk with by my side....somebody's shoulder to cry on,and somebody's smile to rely on....or just somebody to read dis post...

I think i can write ne crap now...as much as i wish....coz i know no1's gonna read this space nemore.....so wid all due respects to my not-so -appreciable talent...here goes another of the crap masterpeices

Here comes the cloud again
With a crack of lightning
To show this nasty world again
Behind it ,there's no silver lining

Here comes the rain again
falling from the stars
Drenched in my pain again
Becoming who we are

As my memory rests
it never forgets whot I've lost
And as real as it gets
my future died in my broken past

Ring out the bells again
a shattered cry of restlessness
Coz the ground is numb again
With the raindrops that washed my tears

The sun seems so far again
The clouds are now thundering
The sound of rain i hear again
But i dont hear anybody singing

The air is now pure again
But i cant seem to breathe
Guilt is what i've earned again
walls of attitudes choke my heart

Walkin in the rain again
I let my soul drift,
my road thins to a zinch
Memories that haunt again
were never meant to be....


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