If Tomorrow never comes...

Nah!!Please dont get too excited...i'm not gonna commit suicide(tho i kno u wont care even if i did)...its just another peice of crap..

I'm so tired of the straight line
and the vultures and theives at my back
and it ain't gettin fine
coz the storm keeps on twisting
and we keep on building the lie
its easier to beleive in this sweet madness
oh,the glorious sadness that brings me to my knees
Just wanna escape one last time
coz if tomorrow never comes,
i'd still have a better today...

It ain't no good worshippin
the almighty God,
when we've not learned to thank Him
for that cup of life wer'e sippin...
hating,loathing,loving,and cryin
poisoning it with our own contempt
It seeps from my veins,
oh,this holy poison
still wanting,waiting
greedy for my own doom
Just wanna change it all,
coz if tomorrow never comes,
i dont wanna live a cursed today...

For all that i've been blessed with in this life
There's an emptiness within me
I was imprisoned by the power of gold
One honest touch ,love set me free...
If the world stops turning,
if the sun stops burning
if tomorrow never comes,
i'd still kno i had a great today
if in this life,i was loved even for a single day...

So if i die tonight
I'll have no regrets
If its in the arms of the ones i love
i will know that i was blessed
And if their eyes are the last thing that i see
then i'll know the beauty heaven holds for me
But if I make it through
If i live to see the day
If i'm on this earth
I'll kno just what to say
coz if tomorrow never comes,
i kno i'd still have today...


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