This is gonna b my last poem ....hv lost more than just the inspiration now...

Here I'm standing like an open book
In front of you - my page is turning
Pick a chapter , and take a look
What do you see
Maybe now you're learning
My heart's breaking only you can stop
The pain I feel, I can't give up
I ask the question that I need to know
Won't you listen to me

Please don't walk away - leave me behind
With these crazy feelings
No one is to blame - ain't that a shame
But I still believe in you
You're the one i call-"friend"
That is why I just can't say goodbye

Here I'm lying in my bed alone
What do I feel - another page is turning
Once again another chapter's closed
And in my mind I see our bridge is burning
I am falling and I can't get up
Seems so far to reach the top
The way I feel for you will never stop
Won't you Listen to me

Don't wanna walk away
Don't wanna let you down
Don't wanna see you crying
Just wanna see you smile

I'll never walk away
I'll never let you down
I'll never leave you crying
I just can't say goodbye
coz you're the one i call-"friend"


@archie@ said...

as usual...m outta words fr the poem...though literally analysing,uve written better talkin in terms of the significance,this one leaves many other ones way behind..
cmon ayush,inspirations wud alwazzz b thr,els m sure u cn b ur own inspiration,dts all wt u need fr creating such poetic marvels mann....

aupsy said...

thanx a lot - i know sayin it wont b enuf,bt i guess i'm more than happy 2 have ppl lyk u around,nd even though i know tough times will come, bt unless i hv frndz lyk u,i wud somehow manage to pass these 4 yrs of hell...
thanx once again-fr being there n being a guiding lite..
hope i never lose d inspiration dat i've found in u...

@archie@ said...

awww cmon ayush yaar.....altho i thru n thru admit tht dese frickin four years r nt d best f d years a collegiate is supposed to theyre fun if u tk it as dt....n ur still in second yr mann,if ur frustrated alrdy,u dnt kno wts gonna cm in EnC 3rd better luk fr alternative things to pass ur time in....dts d only thing thas gonna help u get thru:D:D.....

@archie@ said...

n seems we have a kinda mutual admiration society nw...hehee

Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

mutual admiration!!Thatz the word...but when did 2 narcissists start admiring one another...i mean the basic rule of narcissism is love thyself more than nebody else,isn't it!!!

@archie@ said...


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