Isn't it simply great...as the world celebrates and parties,i'm typing away to glory...

The autumn leaves are falling
the church bells are ringing
the angels are singing
and the world is brimming
with joy and laughter

Another christmas comes by
and the children's grins are oh-so-shy
as they wait for santa in his sleigh to mistify,
their world which forever had seemed so dry

The christmas trees decorated pompously
and the brownies n puddings baked heartfully
the presents exchanged cheerfully
and the children playin gleafully
Gimme a reason to lose myself
in the spirit of the yuletide

People celebrating far and wide
transcending all boundaries and every tide
from this spirit nobody can hide
with this thread every soul is tied
On his reindeers ,santa would ride
and gift a smile to anyone who cried

While the shephards watched their flocks by night
they saw a bright new shining star
they heard a choir sing a song
the music seemed to come from afar
A King was born, the legend says
Jesus Christ was he,nobody else was at par

The reaths at every door hanging,
The cribs and the bells so invigorating
tell the tale of times fascinating
and the Krismukkah festivities neverending

On this auspicious day I feel
my soul blessed wih ultimate zeel
To offer my prayer i kneel
my spirit ,i hope,He would heal
In the pain of my silent revery i reel
Would the angels take me to a place so real??

And as everyone gets into hues red and white
i lie emotionless in my sleepless slumber
Ain't there anybody who just might
knock on my door and show me that light??
the love that would feel so right
and releive me from this sorrowful plight

A silent night,a star above
a blessed gift of hope and love
Joyous songs & christmas cheer
the spirit of yuletide is everywhere
"Bah!Humbug!!"-I would still jeer
coz i'm alone and nobody's near...


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