Another of my lame attempts at poetry ...It seems now i'm gonna break all the records of writing most number of crap poems within 2 months...Bt still if u find sumthin gud,don't hesitate to encourage me to go on and break dat record!!!

In the morning full of sunshine
he wakes up to the sound of birds chirping
For every touch of the autumn winds felt so fine
he had no reason at all to be complaining

But compelled was he
To interpret those dreams
which in his slumber had made him see
valleys of flowers,snowy cliffs,fruit laden trees,
all things bright and beautiful,and free,
and flowing from the mountains ,evergreen streams

The moon so pretty
and beyond the sun brightly shining,
the oceans so mighty
and creatures great and small whining

He wonders why he can't be there
where the skies are blue and the fields are green
He wonders why dreams are never true
And why there ain't memories and moments so serene

Why the river always flows to the sea
Even though he's thirsty and broken
Can't neone see??
Or to wash away the tears with which his feet are sodden
as he fought for things never meant to be

With craziness perplexed
He sees new hope in every dawn
But he still feels vexed
coz in life's cruel game,he's just a meaningless pawn...


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