Fourteen years. 25 top ten singles. 45 million records worldwide.
A band. A phenomenon. A dream.


A band who's last song is called "Beautiful World"

This is the full episode of "Westlife- for the last time" which aired last year and takes you through a journey of the 14 years the band ruled the world

A lot of things have changed around me since 2000, the year when I bought my first westlife audio cassette after going ga-ga over "My Love". I have changed, the world has changed, people have changed. Yet, Westlife's been a constant, the only constant I've ever had in my ever-changing life. I've yet to come to terms with the fact that this will all change when the leaves start to fall this year. The most powerful force against all the senseless music that's made today is taking its last breaths.

WESTLIFE will live on, in my heart and soul. What'll die is a dream, one that I've seen so many times now - watching them live in Ireland. I've probably had this dream since far longer than I've had any other - about 10 years now. And now, all of a sudden, when its the least possible for me to make it happen, its coming crashing down. If only I could afford to fly to London and watch them this spring, I could die in peace. Dammit, why am i so poor. :(

As much as I'd like to be angry, I cherish the music thats carried me through all these years and will stay with me forever. The magical voices and the words of wisdom have kept me human in the craziest of times. In a world which does not respect love anymore, the lads have been indomitable symbols of love. They stand for all the good things we're beginning to lose. They're great human beings as well. With all that success, they're still as humble as they always were. The childlike wonder in their eyes whenever they perform in front of big crowds is adorable. They put in so much passion into their performances that every penny spent on their concerts is worth it. I don't know how people could possibly cheer those hardcore rock artists who hardly give a damn about the audience, are always stoned and sing behind layers of unkempt hair on their faces. Westlife are for real and the constant smiles on their faces even when they're panting just lifts your spirits. They respect their music, their success, and most importantly, each other.

Its sad to let them go. Yet, its humbling to realize the kind of heart-wrenching sacrifice that must've accompanied a life changing decision. To grow up to be a men who can give up a dream, a career for their families is something that takes immense courage. Ending on a high note perhaps looks easy, but isn't so when you don;t know how higher you could go, or where you'd go when you leave the only thing you've ever done in your life. Thats why, I respect these guys even more now. They continue to inspire me to be a better person everyday, and teach the world how to live, love, be successful in one's career and yet be successful fathers and husbands. I can only aspire to be like them.

Thank you Shane, Mark, Nicky, Kian and Brian for being WESTLIFE and for filling up this crazy world with so much beauty. I wish you guys all the best as you embark on your final journey as a band - The Farewell tour. I will continue to believe that you'll be back one day, and that my dream will finally come true!

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