All (or something) about blogging

(If only life was this simple, and computers could demand a blog post and even suggest a topic...sheesh... though one day thats gonna be possible) ;)

There's something about blogging that has never really caught on with me. It may seem like a bolt-from-blue, and a very random notion as well as a very purposeless post. But thats what its meant to be in the first place. Face it, i have nothing else to do coz there's no electricity and no human company. And it is during contingenies such as these that a man who still hasn't lost his onions takes to ranting on a blog. Here... a lot of you( huh!! who am i talking to in the first place...ok so one or two out of the 3 or 4 readers) might disagree with me, simply because we differ in our motives in writing a blog. I've been through so many blogs, some good, some bad, but there's mostly one thing common- some writers write so that others can know their opinion on an issue or play critic on their poems,while some others write for reasons crazy enough for a mortal to understand. The reason for my blogging my seem to fall in the latter catgory for some of you, but according to me I only write when I wanna talk to sumone and there's no 1 around. Yeah,my dear blog is a very good substitute for real people.

There's another thing that i really miss about my blog when compared to others. I miss having a community of readers who also write blogs and are close friends as well. Something like this could've been possible had the concept of blogging been popular when I was in school. And again, it could've happened if i was in a real "college" with some creative people around, or simply people who could talk sense sometimes atleast. But that wasn't to happen. And that I guess, will never happen!!

IF you've started wondering by now why i'm writing a post comparing my blog or blogging habbits with those of others, I should make it clear that's not what I set out for, though some deviation from the main script is allowed for even the best of the writers, unless one is on the panel of 'Prison Break', or '24'.This is just supposed to be a blog post about blogging... confused? even i am!! :D

Some people blog anything and everything under the sun, right from the time they wake up to the time when they get beaten up by their wives... though making ur partner's assaults on u does have its own advantages. Atleast its a good alternative to the govt's "ghantee bajao" andolan (oops...campaign!!).

Some blogs are like...ahem...i'll let the pic do the honours...

Some just do it to attract attention...

While some others are meant to hide the real identity of their writers and show them in a more desirable light to the blogging world...

On a more serious note, I was wondering if any quality post by anyone among the earthly beings who blog could deserve much attention, even if the writing style or plot is comparable to that of an established writer. And yeah, we should leave out bloggers like Amir Khan, or Amitabh Bachhan, or even "fake IPL player"!! As much as i would like to restrict this discussion of branding to blogs, I can't help think about analogies in other areas. So consider this... if i'm pitted against an engineer from "any other" engineering college in India, and someone has to chose between the two of us, you and I know it very well who it's gonna be!! And the reason- jus coz i'm a cow who luckily got branded with an "IIT" tag on my beautiful buttocks... The same can be said about fragrances and perfumes. Who would even test an unlabbeled or unbranded bottle in a store? People wanna buy perfumes precariuosly named "Paris Hilton" or "SRK" just coz they believe theyr'e buying these celebrities in a bottle. How foolish. Haha. Hey mumma, look what I just bought... "Britney Spears"... The background music goes "maa da ladla...", u know the rest...

But then a blog is also a place where one can be very very creative, and do a lot more than just write. I've tried hard to adopt that skill from some avid blogger's. But I aint no "peter patrelli" from "heroes" who could absorb anybody's powers!! ( Well u have to watch that series to get this line of sarcasm... u can ignore it as a bad joke if u havent already) . In any case, you might've noticed how my blog is slowly moving from emotion-oriented to being reader-oriented, in the fact that what I write now mostly takes a form where my emotions find a voice in more sublime forms. Probably thats coz i figured that its not right to publicise what one feels, coz if one does, then people jump at the opportunity like hungry foxes to take advantage of the naive blogger. Even if that reason isn'y good enough, there's something wrong in opening up oneself to the world... simply put... nobody's interested in one's emotional crap, broken heart, or a lost friend..Trust me, blogging isn't a stress relief kit like the one below ..

I'll end this idotic post here, and I know not much has come out of it... Sorry for wasting so much of ur time, i was already wasted!! :P

I'll end with one question- What if the ten commandments were written on a blog?!! :P


Creation said...


Sorry for my absence from the blogsville for the past few days... Internet's screwed up here.

I was wondering what category would my blog fall in?

The pics definitely said what you didn't/couldn't (and a lot more as well!! :P).

You're quite right about blogging not being astress-relief kit; but then it all boils down to peersonal experiences and perspectives, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

"there's something wrong in opening up oneself to the world... simply put...nobody's interested in one's emotional crap, broken heart, or a lost friend.."

Read ur initial blog pages- most are reader oriented opinions,descriptions with 1-2 wat u call "emotional post" -Where the emotional expression loses the so- called sublimity and in other words,has something so honest and real that it causes an instant connect.. It was one such posts that connected me to d 'real' u faster than it culd've after numerous meetings..those same posts probably connect few other of ur regular readers..

But here comes the change-either u wanna change ur readers or u're closing up..

Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

well ur blog doesnt fall in any of the bad its one which has managed to reach out to a lot of people on the basis of its keep rocking ;)

and yea...about personal experiences, yeah maybe...but then in the long run the after effects on every1 are the same...

yea...maybe m closing up...and its not such a bad option either... but dont worry..m not closing up for u :)

Anonymous said...

I'm not really sure about the latter

Anonymous said...

nice pics tho.. hilarious..

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