The sky seems silent today
With its thunder it once ruled
Even the sun looks bigger and bolder
its size only its proximity fooled

The world seems to move along
in lazy circles somewhere in the milky way
Its learnt the art of bluffing the innocent
with one side night and one side day

A world of fantasy makes us reel
hypnotizes us subtly into an innocuous slumber
feeding us with notions of a fake hysteria,a made up history, a promising future;
maybe a small nap for man,  for mankind its been a great plunder...

There's money, name and lots of fame
For the less unfortunate also a lot of shame
The movie seems splendid but they laugh at the director's face
isn't he just another actor in life's great game!!

painting dreams in a golden hue
with rose-tinted glasses and a black canvas
maybe there's more to life than chasing false dreams
or only as many races we can win for a medal of brass

We yearn to make it work,we pretend to live it true
caring not to scratch the surface for even a minute or two;
Moments in the film of life seem so colourful
developed in a room red, why do they all turn blue?

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