The serpentine road lies ahead of me
naked, with its fangs spread out to curse and bite
I walk along melancholy ,with sounds of rustling leaves,
empty skies , and hardly any soul in sight
Maybe there is someone ,but I fail to see
coz the mirage at the horizon
hinders my vision, and retards my senses

What lies ahead i know not,
They say
Its the journey that makes the destination worthwhile ...
I like the road for what it is ,
it hides thy insanity and thy vices
and so I move on , until the knees weaken and the stance falters
until the walk becomes a monologue of empty thoughts ..
until the walk reduces to a crawl

Bruised and broken, but hopeful still
I move on,only to find not one ,but two...
Two serpentine roads opening up to a new horizon
disappearing, melting into the same molten pot
of mixed fortunes, mixed faiths ,and distorted realities..

Why the choice? Why the contradiction?
in the end, It will matter not...
Its right there in thy face...
mockin ,teasing and making thee aware
of the life ,the blood inside thy veins
caught right at the threshold of oozing out
as a sacrificial offering to the two serpants staring at me

I think I know which way to go
but they say
the grass is always greener on the other side
I try to hear the silence of my thoughts
but seems like theyr'e too smug and preen
they just blink like a cursor on an empty screen

I need an answer, a slight nod of the head
to reaffirm ,to reassure my broken spirit
I feel a hand in mine, like a lost companion returned
A beautiful pair of eyes intrude my hazy vision,
and a new breath reinforces my own
"it goads me on to pretend away the fears, of traversing a path untried..
of reaching for a destination unknown.."

I close my eyes for once
and let my companion guide me
not thinking about what is and what can be
But content in the belief that I tried
and my gloated ego for once i belied...
coz its said by those who ever won:
Theres only one rule on the crossroads...
Half done is not undone


Anonymous said...

thats like the worst form of inspiration- copying lines and words and using them for another idea absolutely different in essence..
the poem's good nonetheless.. u'll get be8r reviews from ppl who havent seen the 'inspiration' :P
P.S. - its like a rule-dont expect praises from cynical critical ppl..

Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

yeah...wasnt looking for ne praises newaz... but now this post looks more like a plagiarized version of a work already existing , when it is not one in reality !!!!
Poor me, wudve been better had u sued me for copyright infringement (though i kno it isn't, not even technically) , atleast i wudve been able to vindicate myself off the aspersions!!!
Sigh! cruel world!! :P

Anonymous said...

u hv a platform to vindicate urself.. ur blog!!(or just the comment space will do) y do u need a court full of dumb interpretators to justify urself?
only if u think ur flimsy arguments will pass thru them much more easily.. :P

Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

naa...i was looking for something more heroic - remniscent of Howard Roark... after all, even my creations are no less unique !!
wotsay Ms. Dominique?!! ;)

Anonymous said...

i'd rather b smith..(within the 100-200 pages)
rand's way too above..

creation said...

Mr. Howard Roark.. and Miss Dominique.. ( with due respect to the characters.. not to u guys.. lol!)..
i dunno if its the plagiarised version or not..
but as miss Dominique rightly prophesizes... since i havnt seen the 'inspiration'.. and cant judge u on accounts of plagiarism.. i sure did LIKE it!

"I like the road for what it is ,
it hides thy insanity and thy vices
and so I move on , until the knees weaken and the stance falters
until the walk becomes a monologue of empty thoughts .."

loved these lines.

and yes... the poem struck a chord somwhere deep inside.. coz.. if u rmmbr.. i wrote sumthin to do with a "fork in a road".. and now.. u are writing about "crossroads"...

Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

thanku thanku
i guess its just coz am seeing too many crossraods , forks and "serpentine" roads around me that this post came into being... so rightly said, its all inspired bits and pieces...

bt not to the extent to accuse me of plagiarism ... so u can see Ms. Dominiques cautious stance and a humble note in her voice ,when she tries to accuse me!!! lol

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