Me Or Someone else???

phewwwwwwww.....thats all what comes out when i try and speak somethin tonight....
Have bin awake since what seems lyk eternity now,and i know that my organs are gonna kill me if i dnt see the face of my bed soon...but frankly speaking, i'm not in a mood to do so....just wanna have a cuppa hot coffee and a muffin ,and someone to talk to,as i bid farewell to cognizance 07....

Lookin at myself in the mirror yesterday..
n was freaked out to see the image...
was it me or was it someone else??

I remember a guy with small eyes
with big dreams in them
trying to stand on his own feet
crawling,scratchin himself
but trying ,trying everyday to conquer the world
with all that he could do
with all he could think of
was it me or was it someone else???

A smile that could never fade
An attitude that could melt a million hearts...
With a lot more than just bed n baggage
he stood there at the gates of IITR...
A new world beckoned him..
He knew this was the time
the day that he had yearned for
and not a single speck
could blur his vision...
A vision which he long had
since the day his father pushed him out of the house
he knew he'd go one day...
and now the time was nigh...
Was it me or was it someone else??

He got a world to live,
a life to lead...
He got people to meet
and jeers to heed...
He got weeks to hate,
and weekends to love...
He got fame and endless names,
but not for once that elusive touch of happiness
He tried to make the best of it...
and got through the worst of it
but the tide of time could not carry him through
locked up inside that hole,he dreamt of flying high one day
those dreams nevr came out true....
He'd got nothing to do,and nobody to talk to
On memories he lived,on dreams he survived
Mistakes he did make and couldnt rectify
coz he had crossed the line too far
entangled in the web of his own ignominy
he lay there wondering
Was it me or was it someone else???

He wished an angel
in its arms he could fly away from here
from this dark cold room
and the endlessness that he could feel
To be pulled from the wreckage
of his silent revery
In the arms of his angel
He would find some comfort here...
The angel never did come
and trapped in his solitude
he lay hopeless ,his eyes bleeding with the thought...
Was it me or was it someone else??

The pages of time turned
and took him into a new world...
a world which was anything but ordinary
a world full of new people....
the stories he heard,and the laughter that reverberated inside him
all seemed to be so invigorating,so sweet
he couldnt help but let himself lose
and let him know how it feels to back in the race
to be back in the crowd
to be back with his smile
for a while he was the king
everythin seemed to be so god damned rite
Was it me or was it someone else?

He knew it wont last long
"all good things come to an end"-they say
He knows now he's got nothin to expect
friendship isnt a word in the dictionary here
He's sick of being left out everytime
he's stuck inside a world he hates...
He's sick of everyone around
With their big fake smiles and stupid lies...
Everythin has come around
He knows now God must hate him
He cursed him for eternity
Was it me or was it someone else???

Lookin at myself in the mirror yesterday..
n was freaked out to see the image...
coz there's somthin so wrong in me
that i've got to live with
The times are a changing
With the spring in the air,
n pretty girls are everywhere...
Alas!!there are somethings which would never be there...
I wish i could write my story and have everything
forever and ever and ever
A story where nobody would bid goodbye...
But i still dont understand-
Is it me or is it someone else???

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